Welcome to IndianVideoGamer’ Game of the Year 2008

Happy New Year and welcome to the IndianVideoGamer Game of the Year 2008. When IVG does it, we do it big, and we do it right, and our month-long GOTY event is no exception. Here’s your chance to decide IndianVideoGamer’ Game of the Year; YOUR Game of the Year. There is no set list of nominees and no juries to decide which game should win; it’s all up to you to pick IVG’s Overall Game of the Year.

As if getting to pick your own overall Game of the Year wasn’t enough, we’re also giving you some incentive for doing so. Of all those who send in their entries for the Overall Game of the Year category, one lucky IVG member will walk away with the grand prize – a shiny new Sony PlayStation 3, thanks to Milestone Interactive.

And even if you’re not the lucky one to grab the grand prize, fear not; there’s lots more to be won. We also have 19 other Game of the Year categories and one IVG member category, and we’re giving a bunch of prizes away in each of those as well. So if you don’t luck out with the PS3, you still have 20 more opportunities to end up a winner.

Amongst the other prizes are Microsoft Sidewinder gaming keyboards and mice, an all-you-could-need Xbox LIVE accessories bundle, figurines, gaming memorabilia, posters, Xbox LIVE cards, and many, many GOTY-contender games.

Game of the Year 2008 is our way of thanking IndianVideoGamer members for making IVG the best gaming community in India. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our partners in the gaming media, particularly Tech2 and The ANGRY Pixel, for their support and their own efforts towards promoting gaming in India.

And how can we forget our sponsors and partners, without whom IndianVideoGamer Game of the Year 2008 would not have been possible. We’d like to thank Milestone Interactive, Microsoft India, EA India, E-Xpress Interactive, Excel Interactive, and Worldwide CD ROMs, not only for partnering with us in this unique endeavour, but for their continued support towards IVG. A special thank you also goes out to our print media partner, the newly-launched Stuff India magazine, for their support.

Alright! Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, get rid of that hangover and get on with the voting. All those prizes aren’t going to win themselves. Click here to begin.

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