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    Got my gifts today evening EACH of these games were on my list and I had planned to pick them up in the coming month, one by one. Thanks a mighty ton! I never expected to receive so much. You truly made my Christmas special @HundredProofSam Thank you and have a great Christmas!
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    OMG - Santa delivered big time Thank you very much for the signed biography of Roy Keane. I have a copy but will keep this one forever with me as it is a signed by GOD - Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year you and your family, please reveal yourself
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    Santa sent me gifts early this time. Please use this thread for posting the pics for Secret Santa 2017. Thank you very much for the games, Santa. I was eyeing these two but due to my backlog couldn't go ahead and get it. Spot on!. Advance Merry Christmas. Now please reveal yourself. (Couldn't even find the billing address in the package)
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    Even if performance was good, why would you buy the Xbox version? Mouse and keyboard are way better on this. And the PC version is already at 1.0 with more than double the content of the Xbox version. The PC version is where the Xbox version (hopefully) will be in a year from now. The only reason to even consider the X1 version is if all your friends are on the X1.
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    Merry Christmas, mate. Great gifts.
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    Glad you liked it. There is one tiny one left, should be coming in tomorrow. Merry Christmas.
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    Santa sent this awesome colouring book. This year, I had not left any hint anywhere. Santa guessed my interest spot on. Kudos. Thank you Santa, happy holidays and Christmas and new year. Now reveal thyself
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    Today’s arrival Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got this awesome bag, santa please reveal yourself! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Cant handle keyboard/mouse nor do I feel the need to build one .pubg seems fine on the Xbox one .
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    Yeah that was great to see..Loved the way Kuldeep kept bowling to his strength which he needs to do consistently..With his action he would get spin anywhere and that adds up to his advantage...Good going..
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    If you guys want a more permanent solution, you can get a small hand pump from Amazon. Infinitely cheaper and reusable.
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    Wow, those Foooit prices are now near 2x what they used to be
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    Local Santa. Received mine early. 🌲 πŸŽ…πŸ»
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    ^^ This arrived today... Haven't played this game yet... Thank you, Santa
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    Dont care about the x when I have a Xbox πŸ˜›
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