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    Right up there as one of the best trailers ever. "We are all Son Goku."
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    Game pass owners the PES 2020 standard edition is live to download and is replacing PES 2019.
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    Steep indeed for a dongle. But, from what I had read earlier, this one's the best overall compatibility wise. I think you will be able to return it if it turns out to be problematic. But better to check with their ccare just to be sure.
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    I have a bunch of used third party controllers 5-6 (Wii U, Gamecube, Wii). The Wii U ones are average at best. If anyone is interested they can pick up for free or pay for shipping at actuals and have them.
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    Jill's letter with a trophy/achievement to be added to RE2R as a tie-in with RE3R: RE 3's first half takes place before RE2 begins, so makes sense. Nice touch and kudos to Capcom for going an extra mile with these remakes.
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    From playing with Ninja toy bikes to owning something similar. 😁 Yamaha R15 V3.
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    Look at the sub and user reviews lol. Everyone getting mad how they once again bait and switch demo and full game. List goes on. On top of that, nothing new added. Same dead servers. P2P trash with trash modes. Dead content. ML is only decent mode and even that didn't get any upgrade. Now even ref AI is brain dead. These reviewers don't play online or even 100 games to understand how sport games work. They simply play 1-2 games and boom. All good.
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