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  1. Yeah... No, it didn't. A massive feat nonetheless!
  2. @SaiKO Terribly sorry, man! Thanks @Assassins Creed @AnK for highlighting and removing it!
  3. Edit: This is from GTAV credits, though. Since then, he may have risen up the ranks or something, I'm sure... He's worked on RDR2 as well, so...
  4. Duuuuude. He works at R*. If he is calling something a rumour and laughing at it, I'd buy that over the authenticity of the rumour.
  5. Yes, on that date, there'll be a plot-twist. GTA is actually masquerading as a Cyberpunk game all these years! Until then, we are stuck with GTA Online.
  6. Bombard the LinkedIn of PS India's head? Anyone tried this?
  7. Backtracking - Much less compared to the first one. Negligible. It adds up very nicely. Glitches - Almost all fixed, at least on PS5. Minor ones are still present. They do not detract from the experience, though.
  8. It's an alpha version of the game. They're calling it a test, to begin with. So, rough visual glitches, etc. are expected, IMO.
  9. Yep. Played what the alpha had to offer. The entire premise of this, as a game, is just plain wrong. It's just like Gotham Knights. This game is just more of that with a different colour palette. The only good parts are: - the traversal. - the playground of an open-world that they've made. - the shooting gameplay (decent enough, nothing extraordinary). - the overarching story (started off really good). The game is clearly made with GaaS/cosmetic microtransactions in mind. It's nothing but a third-person hero shooter and the setting is the world of DC. That's it! That's the game. The alpha just had the initial section, about 3 hours of the story, and I was bored by the end of it. The overall complete story by the end will be nice, I'm sure. But the core gameplay loop simply sucks. It's just Waller going "Go here. Do that. If you wanna live, do this. I'm serious. Do it, or else..." And it's just going from point A to point B and shooting purple things. Watch cutscene. It's literally just that. If these were the Gotham criminals that we're used to, they would've told Waller to detonate the bombs in their necks instead of going around like this. After every mission, there's a random drop of guns/trinkets/shields, etc. Don't want to get into too much detail, but it's just too GaaS-y. Also, I wasn't able to play online at all. Joined a game, but was kicked out in about 30 seconds. I periodically got some notifications that some random guys are joining my session, but they never did.
  10. Yes. Cross-play is confirmed for this alpha test. I'll be playing on PS5, BTW. It starts at 7:30 PM IST today. I'll be playing from then. PSN: VelivolusDas
  11. Yep. Was accepted and invited 3 people already! The closed alpha test starts at 7:30 PM IST today.
  12. Sh*t, I must've been confused then. I remember there was something on the day (or maybe a day before) of the KZ3 thing, so I couldn't make it for the KZ3 thing, but made it for the thing before it. Or, I'm just too old now.
  13. Enjoy the memories, people... These are from my FB which I had to dig through. Moar photos there, but who even uses FB these days. IVG Football Meetup 2010: IVG Meetup 2010: This was a gaming cafe in Bandra, behind National College that we went a few times. This was the first time. We had booked the entire place. IVG @ Tote On The Turf, Mahalaxmi Racecourse - EA Special Invite Event: This thing happened on the same day as the first photo that was shared earlier. Subah ye tha (EA event), and shaam ko, the other one. The other one was the Killzone launch or something in a movie theatre. - EDIT: Ignore this timeline. I've got it wrong. My bad. Playstation Experience 2010 (ignore the default digicam 2007 date):
  14. Yeah, this is a build-up to Seth vs Punk
  15. This is what I was talking about: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0GNE8pIng-/?igshid=NzBmMjdhZWRiYQ==
  16. Loved the PPV. The women's War Games match was the highlight. Some incredible moments! Randy's return was good. Punk returning was speculated for a while now, but everyone seems to be truly surprised. The crowd even kept chanting CM Punk's name from the start of the first match. Also, anybody else saw the aftermath of Punk's return? After the show went off-air? Rollins seemed crazy furious. Unsure at this point if it's genuine hate, or a build-up to the storyline. Gunther's run is so much better than Roman Reigns. Really like the effort he puts in. Like this kind of PPV. Short, but a good focus on quality instead of cramming wrestlers and segments to make the event 4+ or 5+ hours long.
  17. Played the first 3 chapters of the game. It's part of the free trial they're promoting. No EA Play needed. I felt like it's a pretty basic shooter. Okay'ish, overall. The whole 'magic spells instead of bullets' doesn't make much of a difference. The initial charm wears off soon enough. They've tried to cram a lot of lore, but it's just not compelling enough. The writing could be so much better. UE5 needs more work to be properly optimised for consoles, I think. The game looks really great at certain parts, but I also noticed some rough edges here and there. The quality of cinematics is ace, though! No HDR is a BIG downer. Really wondering what was the reason for that!? ----- If anyone's considering buying this, pro tip: download the free trial. There's a way to launch the store from within the game and you get 55% off on the price of the Digital Deluxe Edition. Comes up to around ₹2.6k'ish. The standard edition of the game is currently on a Black Friday sale for about ₹2.2k.
  18. I won't be surprised if we see a short teaser at TGA. The casting is already done, AFAIK. Craig Mazin has confirmed that himself. I don't think they've revealed the actor yet, though. It'll be Kaitlyn Dever, according to leaks/rumours.
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