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    WWE 2K22

    Release Date: March 11th, 2022 The overall graphics/presentation look good. The facial expressions, however, look very bland. One of the things that makes sports entertainment 'entertainment' is the fact that the wrestlers 'act' in some sense with their facial expressions. In all the in-ring clips shown in the trailer, it seems a little jarring to barely see any facial expressions (Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley moment). Of course, all that wouldn't matter much if the gameplay is tight and fun.
  2. I hope that ROFL was actually you laughing at the joke you cracked. Unless you are expecting some hyper-ultra-realistic graphics from the Metaverse... If you are, I'd suggest reading up about it, or better yet, watching Meta's or Microsoft's announcement of the Metaverse. The Metaverse by itself is not supposed to have some amazing graphics (at least not initially). You can have apps/services inside the Metaverse that can have the "ZOMG, such graphics".
  3. ₹670 PSN wallet top-up is available for ₹650. ₹2000 PSN wallet top-up is available for ₹1940. The only drawback is that it's not a code that will be sent to your email. Instead it's a physical card that will be delivered to your address. Still a good option to add funds to your PSN wallet, if you are not in a rush to purchase something. Both deals on Amazon. Please use the IVG affiliate link from the top of the page. I'm not sure how to share that link from the mobile app.
  4. My data is not available, since I've not given "Full Access" to share my data. Lol!
  5. That should clear the air quite a lot. CoD is staying. Others, only till the agreements allow. I guess MS is looking at CoD as how they approached Minecraft. Such a huge IP, that they're letting it be playable on as many platforms as possible.
  6. All but over for Arsenal in the Carabao Cup, too.
  7. All but over for Arsenal in the Carabao Cup, too.
  8. Loved The Tragedy Of Macbeth. Some of the shots are *chef's kiss*. My wife had studied the play back during her schooling and she said they have nailed every scene (except one) just like how she had imagined while reading Macbeth. It was fairly easy to understand, overall (for someone like me). Also, as someone mentioned, some of the scenes (especially the monologues with a pitch black background) look like a masterpiece on an OLED.
  9. Well, I've been tweeting fairly constantly to all relevant parties (IMO) for about a month. I stopped when I got a reply from the official PS Support. Check this thread here.
  10. Apparently, we are to start a campaign of some sorts and not post here about Sony's practices. Why? Because they are in a business and apparently, if we were in their position, we would have followed the same practices, too. Lol! The thought process that some people have here is appalling.
  11. Keep on, keeping on. There's a reason why this game is amazing!
  12. New posters: Nice detail in the second one: Check Batman's pupil.
  13. And pre-ordered... I'll open this thread on the 18th of February now...
  14. Finished Mass Effect. Thinking I'll jump into Mass Effect 2 right away (played about an hour of ME2 so far), considering I'm invested in the lore. Pretty interesting. Also, the graphical and animation-quality improvements from ME1 to ME2 is quite nice!
  15. Chances of the above tweet being posted on page no. 666 of this thread. j/k. No harm/offense intended.
  16. The only thing that's a bit of a downer is the switch to 30FPS for the replay. Looks stellar, though! Can't wait...
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