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  1. So, this happened. This weekend has been super busy and I was feeling too lazy to check my console. So, I was just now searching online for details of the pre-load availability. Most articles said it would be available on Sunday. Even on the game's official twitter, it was mentioned that it'll be available 48 hours before release on 7th (i.e. Sunday for the Digital Deluxe Edition). Continuing my laziness, I went to the PS Store via the PS app itself to initiate the download from the game's store page (since my PS5 has been on Rest mode since Saturday evening) and I just wasn't getting the option. So, I gave up and decided to check tomorrow in the nothing. Before I hit the sack, I was curious to check how much storage space I had on my console (in case I needed to delete anything, I would just trigger that from my phone itself) and much to my surprise, I saw that the pre-load is already done. It says 80GB (size after installing). I just remembered that I had set the "Auto-Download" option to "On." So, tomorrow midnight is all set! Will livestream right from midnight, too!
  2. Got the new Hogwarts Legacy avatars on PS.
  3. That guy just called it "Game Of War Hammer." Atleast rehearse it once. My goodness!
  4. It's almost the definition of a "chill" game. It's surreal to play this after office. Reminds me a lot of thatgamecompany's flower. You can just sit back and soak in the sights while controlling the character on the bicycle.
  5. Yes. Finland: UK: Dubai: Italy: Poland: Korea: There are more that I can't find on Twitter now but came across them over the last 2 days or so. Basically, some pretty serious marketing going on!
  6. According to the information I saw once I pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition on the PS Store, it said "Estimated Download Date: 5th February." So, I think it's going to be that. Since we can start playing on the 7th.
  7. Yep. Came to post that... BTW, here's comparison to the previous year: "Juggernaut" quarter for Sony, if you ask me.
  8. This game is soooo beautiful! More here: https://imgur.com/a/36wek8s
  9. Nope. None at all. I'm waiting for some info, too. If it's priced decently (doubt it), I might just go for it.
  10. So this game got added to the PS Plus Game Trial section today. I've been wanting to try this since forever, so gave it a go. Played for an hour and I really loved it! Played just one hour out of the two for now and I really enjoyed what I played. The story is well set-up. The characters feel distinct. The gameplay is classic Firaxis but with a twist that suits the superhero genre.
  11. Pretty decent reviews overall. Also, apparently like Dead Space, the game will launch at 10:30 PM IST in India. Weird. I guess it launches at 12:00 PM ET or something, maybe.
  12. Pretty decently okay'ish show overall. Forza looks mind-blowingly good! HiFi Rush looks like crazy fun. 2 stellar games, IMO! Don't care much about Minecraft and ESO. Redfall is also not my type, so... meh!
  13. Street date apparently broken in the US.
  14. Just got back from Pathaan. SRK. Deepika is hotness, redefined! John looks pretty cool, too and has his Dhoom vibes going on, as a villain. Not very menacing, but suave and lethal. Pretty standard one-time-watch Bollywood movie. The story and the VFX are decent. Slightly over-the-top, but which movie isn't these days. Especially if the movie is part of the "Spy Universe" and all that. Super-glad that there was just the one song (Besharam Rang) in the movie, and even that has some story beats. Jhoome Jo Pathaan is part of the end-credits. Bhai's cameo was okay'ish, too. Just the one fight scene. Bollywood fans will love the nods to Karan-Arjun and some of the banter between SRK and Salman. And Shah Rukh will have a cameo in Tiger 3, confirmed! And YRF are totally building towards a big movie with SRK, Salman, and Hrithik, all in one movie. But, to see a SRK movie on a big-screen after all these years...
  15. I have the original Darkplates - Got it before Sony dealt dbrand with a lawsuit.
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