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  1. Passport seizure alongwith 5 lakh INR fine maybe. The problem is that we are not tracking people who are supposed to be in isolation, at max a physical stamp on the hand. We should have means to track people (I would probably have not said the same 4 months earlier), but there should be a facility to track a person using big data such that their cards, phone, passport etc is linked to their profile and we can easily trace out who are the individuals who came back to India in the last 2-3 weeks and whether they are flouting the isolation norms. Have heard Taiwan was able to do this and keep things in check.
  2. Getting a physical release on Week 1 whenever this comes out
  3. Can I have one of the n64 region convertor stuff please Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  4. My copy arrived today and its a damn normal edition, pissed off with Croma, will ask for a refund; hows the status at your end guys?
  5. Take a look at transferwise and see if it helps Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks bhai, will mostly sell Scorpio, no place to keep so many consoles and no 4ktv Humse na ho payega
  7. PS4 slim is my machine to go for exclusives, MS should come with more quality single player campaigns IMHO, milking Forza, gears, halo ... screwing up Scalebound, releasing unfinished recore, sad reacts. Gears console came on market after I ordered my scorpio which was non returnable, thought hard and ended up getting it after 2 months coz it was still available. Who says I don't , splurge once in a while for materialistic pleasure lol expensive as f**k, plus difficult to find place for them in the house, same goes for collectors editions
  8. Limited editions Couldn't stop getting those, Scorpio was 510$ and gears one cost me 20k shipped Now experiencing buyer's remorse Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  9. Out of lots of stuff that I bought and I am yet to take pictures of, here are the latest console arrivals Project Scorpio Xbox One X Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox One S Now I have one each Xbox one, Xbox one S, Xbox one X Now if only MS would release some quality SP campaign exclusives
  10. I thought I bought only 5, looks like I got one from the other store too One goes to @bowser others hopefully I can trade them later
  11. And .... I went full retard during my Chennai trip
  12. hehe Cool, anyhow was happy to have the package in hand Just wanted to check if I got swindled
  13. Anyplace where I can contest this? Not planning to import any more stuff PS: this was a limited edition second hand console Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  14. Yep and I ain't kidding you Was a limited edition item and I had no other way than pay these guys to claim my item Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  15. Thank you guys for the response, called them relentlessly 6-7 times on Thursday, finally got to speak to their superintendent and told her the package content and amount; she said she will release the package after assessing it. The package reached local Post office yesterday, went there today and paid whopping customs (4781 INR) in cash; will post pics soon.
  16. Ahh !! I see he has photographed the box from the other side
  17. I thought Project scorpio would be written on the box as well
  18. No tracking update from 14th Oct Checked with Mumbai foreign post office, they had routed it further to Bangalore Foreign post office. Called Bangalore PO, they said they received it on 20th and the parcel has been held back by Bangalore customs office. Tried reaching the customs office (this was around 27th Oct); they finally picked up and then broke for lunch didnt give any updates. I thought it would be wise to standback and not call them again. Next steps?
  19. Team, I had ordered a 7.5Kg package from Japan, with invoice value close to 150USD equivalent of JPY, I was sureshot expecting customs on the package. Track: <<redacted>> The package has been with Mumbai customs since 14th of October; the last status on Indian post is "Transfer from office of exchange (inb)" Mumbai to Bangalore and then nothing. I also havent recieved any snail mail from CBEC asking me to send details of the item / invoice etc (which they sometimes request for when they are unclear which category the item belongs to and how much they should charge on it) I am currently worried as the package has been with them for 12 days now and there hasnt been any update on the tracking and I havent heard from them directly as well. Is there a way, by which I can contact them? Should I be worried? Thanks in advance
  20. Bro verified the authenticity yourself? If so when and where, also does it really work everytime? Planning to use hence asking
  21. Hehe ... we also got a lot of Toblerone and Lindts when we visited last year Par kuch bhi kaho physical discs ki baat hi alag hai; I am planning on adding a WiiU to my collection if I can get one with decent pricing. Will reach out to you then to plan my game purchases
  22. Picture of your WiiU collection please OT ... Lindt laya kya waha se
  23. Stuff I brought home this week (Will follow up with another post in a couple of days of all the other stuff I bought couple of months back ) Finally got my very own copy of TLG collectors edition (US variant) with Steelbook TLG Indian edition which I bought few months back XOne Doom collectors + PS4 Doom UAC pack Recore collectors edition + standard copy KOF Steelbook Launch edition Corpse Party 3ds back to school edition Valkyria revolution Vanargand edition (name sounds funny in Hindi) Few Classic xbox exclusives Rare Replay Couple of things from earlier months: Finally got a PS4 in Feb And 2 copies of coveted Nathan Drake collection special edition from Aus
  24. Only had a layover there Else would have probably sourced Horizon zero dawn collectors edition, if I had transit visa for UAE
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