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  1. Name: Omar Jaleel PSN ID: omr123 Team: France
  2. Keep checking the prices in between, especially during the Independence Day period. You may get a very good deal. Also the discounts at the stores are much better if you speak to the right people. Only purchase online if the TV isn't available anywhere. For the Samsung TV's. If you go to a multi-brand showroom, the salesmen will try to convince you Sony and LG missed out on making QLED's
  3. Yes, most LG OLEDs' have it. I would advise getting a Sony OLED if motion/ upscaling is a priority.
  4. Myntra (and the seller) should be fine. Check Ajio or Flipkart as well. Don't get the Jersey from another country. Not worth the price. Only import if its rare. They go on sale quite often, though never below 1 lakh. Don't use online prices as a benchmark. You can get better deals offline. Do you have any TV in mind? The B9 was available for 1.05 lakhs and the C9 for1.2 lakhs, last year. Sony has also been reducing their prices. The A9G is available at a pretty good price at the moment.
  5. Thanks @VelivolusDas This looks exactly like Dead Space! Should be a good game if they can retain the gameplay mechanics.
  6. https://www.tatacliq.com/nike-air-zoom-vomero-14-carbon-black-running-shoes/p-mp000000007875200 Nike Vomero's at a pretty good price, plus additional bank discount.
  7. They usually run a size small. So you should be good!
  8. LG B9 55” available for 1.04 lakhs excluding 4k extra on a SBI card. https://www.flipkart.com/lg-b9-138cm-55-inch-ultra-hd-4k-oled-smart-tv/p/itm4f43db3274329?pid=TVSFJY52FG5FFZZG&cmpid=product.share.pp
  9. Good choice They are either sold out or back to the MRP on Flipkart. The pre-book offers on Flipkart were better than the actual sale offers. For the size, if it is one size bigger, it should fit you fine. If it is more than one, don't use it. Keep checking for a couple of weeks. The size you need should be back in stock. Exchange it for the size then. Simultaneously check Amazon tonight as their prices will probably reduce further.
  10. No worries! Try to purchase in the initial days of the sale. You’ll get the best prices then.
  11. No worries! Good shoes make a huge difference. They are well worth the relative premium. Ultraboosts run half size/ one size smaller generally, so be sure of the size before you order. Do post pictures of the ones you eventually get!
  12. 4-6k Is a very good budget. Will get you top of the line on Asics, and just one level below top of the line (ultraboost) on Adidas. If you prefer Adidas, get the boost series. Asics: https://www.flipkart.com/asics-gel-kayano-25-running-shoes-men/p/itmfg85vz8c8kz49?pid=SHOFG85Z6HK4HKZR&lid=LSTSHOFG85Z6HK4HKZRVXXNJF&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=s_1_14&otracker=search&otracker1=search&fm=SEARCH&iid=115a3d54-9189-469e-b3d7-55b0412378f7.SHOFG85Z6HK4HKZR.SEARCH&ppt=sp&ppn=sp&ssid=cp0uvs9fb40000001602434519291&qH=6ca39e5024067f51 https://www.flipkart.com/asics-gel-nimbus-21-running-shoes-men/p/itmfdarfdhj3xd97?pid=SHOFDA9GGNFKHPA9&lid=LSTSHOFDA9GGNFKHPA9XAALVX&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=s_1_5&otracker=search&otracker1=search&fm=SEARCH&iid=b722fc82-ef74-474a-b3dd-64d664a9dfb1.SHOFDA9GGNFKHPA9.SEARCH&ppt=sp&ppn=sp&ssid=9xyr9fjuk00000001602435156869&qH=0e78d66f33c484a3 Adidas: https://www.flipkart.com/adidas-pureboost-go-walking-shoes-men/p/itma1bdc1c69b834?pid=SHOFK9HGQVZGT9NJ&lid=LSTSHOFK9HGQVZGT9NJY4GQSR&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=s_1_11&otracker=search&otracker1=search&fm=SEARCH&iid=9c0de51c-414a-4f16-857b-a1e4952f5f0a.SHOFK9HGQVZGT9NJ.SEARCH&ppt=sp&ppn=sp&ssid=qxf7v3owkg0000001602434693424&qH=6611476ce58877ec Agreed, Nike running shoes aren't worth their price. However, their lifestyle shoes are the best.
  13. As a general rule, don’t get the entry level/ mid range of any brand, the target market is the people who prefer the brand name, and comfort/ performance is secondary. Try to get the absolute top range, at a discount of 50-70%. They are well worth it. Nike is notorious for this. Nike running shoes which cost as much as 10-12k are not as good as Adidas or Asics shoes in terms of quality. Though they look much better. If you do want Entry Level/ Mid range, get Asics as their quality of shoes is much better than the other brands. Looks wise they may not be as good as the other brands though.
  14. Yes the mesh upper is really susceptible to wear and tear. Even with moderate usage, it will eventually tear after a few years. Have had it happen to me as well. Really hurts when it happens. But the comfort and breathability offered was well worth it. Interestingly, mesh was really common a few years back on even mid range shoes, across brands. Due to cost cutting, it has now been replaced by Synthetic and all companies now only offer it on their top end shoes as a 'feature'. I haven't ever seen Joyride's for sale in India. Look futuristic and really comfortable as well. Will check them out, next time I come across them
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