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  1. boltonfan

    The Apple Thread

    Yup, thats why I said don't know if they're any good. However since the insurance costs next to nothing, and if it was an option, I would get a phone with insurance than without. Yeah, most of them seem shady. Wish we had Applecare+ here.
  2. boltonfan

    The Apple Thread

    Flipkart offering damage protecting during the sale. Don't know how good it is. https://www.flipkart.com/mobile-complete-protection-bbd--9033-6702-store?param=3&otracker=clp_banner_1_7.banner.BANNER_tbbd18-mobiles-teaser-4251-9326-store_BPU3QI80BVIL Vodafone also have a red plan with mobile insurance: https://gadgets.ndtv.com/telecom/news/vodafone-red-shield-damage-theft-cover-insurance-protection-1705320 Yeah it is. Is there going to be an SE2? Also, has anyone claimed warranty in India, on an iPhone purchased from the US?
  3. boltonfan

    The Apple Thread

    It's the price point combined with lack of innovation. There isn't much of a difference between X and Xs, with the Xs is now more expensive in countries with a weaker currency.
  4. boltonfan

    The Apple Thread

    Xs max felt way to big for me. Normal Xs felt more natural, though it was narrower, which can be a deal breaker for some. It's a matter of convenience. The larger screen is much better to look at, but less comfortable to use day to day, for me. Offers aren't that great this time round. Last years offers were so much better. I also did see a person coming in and asking if the new iPhone was available for 4,499 (the advertised EMI). Was amusing.
  5. boltonfan

    The Apple Thread

    Hey, whats up! Been a while, miss the Xperia Z2 days!
  6. boltonfan

    The Apple Thread

    Yeah, that does seem like the way to go. Since US pre-orders begin on the 14th, was hoping we would have some information for Indian prices before then.
  7. boltonfan

    The Apple Thread

    I have an option to get it from the US and want to know the price difference post offers. I think I can get it for 80k in the US versus 1lakh here? If there is even 15k cash back, I'll get it from here. Edit: Also how reliable is the 1lakh figure?! Thats insane.
  8. boltonfan

    The Apple Thread

    Does anyone know what will be the pre-order date for the Xs in India?
  9. boltonfan

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    If its an iphone 7 and if you get plan to get it from a state in the US, where purchases are taxable, the price difference isn't much. Especially with the cash back offers going on now. Plus you get domestic warranty.
  10. boltonfan

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    How are the new episodes of black mirror?
  11. boltonfan

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Order it from flipkart. Its still at 3k.
  12. boltonfan

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    It was earlier. Now its revised to 4k.
  13. boltonfan

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    It was available till 10 am GMT 31ST March. You can get us ps plus on eBay around 3k