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  1. Just a cue don’t get emotional or personal over petty things that too something entertainment related or else feel free to enjoy things the way you like to enjoy peace out
  2. Specifically this guy he will make you feel like puke each time he uses his keypad
  3. There is just no way to get vaccinated right now if you don’t have a valid Indian ID Two of my domestic help only have a Nepali ID & just no way I can get them vaccinated officially There is DM level planning commission underway for such ppl ,which includes immigrants,Sadhu Sanyasi’s & street dwellers but no progress yet for obvious reasons as there is no Vaccine even for ppl with ID cards Vaccine tourism is a long shot to think of in India
  4. You are just rubbing the wrong lot dude they will start following you & attacking you to the moon & beyond it has already started Don’t mention Bathesda & Metacritic But anyway why bad mouth something that’s not even revealed yet Don’t be like the original Xbox fans of this forum
  5. That’s my boy I wasn’t able to turn on the console for two days though
  6. Xbox’s life & xclouds future depends on it so they might delay it like Halo but can’t afford to pull a CP 2077 with this one M$ will do whatever they can to polish it
  7. Well that’s the case with every Subscription based service a decent new movie release is 500-700 rs on digital purchase or theatre on day 1 (assuming companionship) That’s why they come on subscriptions much later It’s only the first time (barring the pandemic movies)that something that was otherwise being offered for $60 is being given on subscription on day 1 So how the things turn out to be & how M$ decides to make sense in all of this still remains to be seen Also it’s the luring phase right now they will just offer content developed as it is right now without making serviceable changes in it Maybe future will be different (as seen with Halo) But as ppl say it’s better to enjoy the service now & think about changes when they come later
  8. I don’t think this is about key notes or conferences It’s more like the shows gaming channels host around e3 just that developers are offering separate partnerships to may be appear to talk as everything is con-call this time I expect a lot of same footage to be used from e3
  9. AnK

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I bought Frozen Wilds DLC for no reason apparently haven’t even played it yet
  10. AnK

    Nioh 2

    Hmmm doesn’t make sense to buy on PS4 now then
  11. AnK

    Nioh 2

    Can anyone confirm if Nioh 1 is also being upgraded for free like Nioh 2
  12. Asking this again ,Is PS+ collection a lifetime package for PS5?!? As in we will always get those game no matter when we login to PS+ from a PS5?!?
  13. AnK

    Half-Life: Alyx

    It would be a lame dated FPS & no would bother if VR is replaced with normal mechanics
  14. AnK

    Crimson Desert

    Lol them wrestling moves
  15. AnK

    Crimson Desert

    Holy f**k this along with CyberPunk on Ultra looks to be the real next gen.
  16. AnK

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    It would have been crazier had the pandemic not delayed the production Sony was!! really pushing to it’s max for any Console launch since PS2 SM MM HFW R&C Returnal Godfall Deathloop GhostWire GT7 Demon’s Souls R GoW~R all in first year or max 2 (looking at GoW) crazy stuff by Sony Inflation in India is a downer though
  17. AnK

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    If you take that into consideration then XBseriesX is not getting a single exclusive until announced otherwise just think again what you are comparing & what lines you need to draw in your own mind for those comparisons
  18. AnK

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    They haven’t even said 2022 with their own mouth,I don’t know what exactly they smoking while preparing for a next generation console for last 1 year they hastily started acquiring studios to save face & now when all seemed grim they paid an unparalleled premium on Bethesda hoping to capture subscription market while Sony is targeting even GoW~R for 2021
  19. I just have one word to say:- Bloodf**kinborne My first FromSoftware game & couldn’t have asked a better Killerapp exclusive for my cherished system Uncharted 4 was more of the same Just started Horizon lately but it’s obviously not something out of the world awesomeness Won’t comment on multiplatform games as they are not really associated with PS4 alone The Bad:- Having to pay to play online I know M$ is the real culprit here & sony had little option left but services remained mostly the same so I don’t know why this scam came to be in the first place Death of KillZone one of the most cherished & revered exclusives from PS3 & the only online oriented shooter of PS brand died a terrible death maybe it just had to be with games GaaS & battleroyal on the horizon pretty early on in this gen but still they could have given a little bit extra effort
  20. PS4:- The Witcher 3 Batman AK (priority) MGS5 (priority) UnCharted Lost Legacy Horizon Zero Dawn The Last Guardian God Of War (priority)
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