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  1. Why does Red Hood look like Bane in disguise? He looks like a 'roided up jock. They force fitted his physique to fit the "tank" class here smh.
  2. Is there an IVG Fantasy Premier League and if not, can we have one?
  3. I wanna try Ronin first. Trailer showed an interesting skill. Also, 10/10 gonna shout "DOOSHO DOOSHO" while playing as Hunter
  4. What I really want to try out now though is an archer build. There are so many charms for it but I haven't even tried building out the Tadayori armour. Will be good practice for Legends. What class do you guys prefer for MP?
  5. Sakai armour is the best for combat, no doubt. Gosaku makes it easy to finish off fallen enemies and gives you health too. You can stack a % probability increase charm to enhance enemies falling. It's really down to how you want to battle at the end. I like finishing off 5 enemies in a standoff but there's something about making an enemy fall on his a*s and sticking the katana through him. Health for killing staggered enemies is an added bonus.
  6. How so? Major health increase, massive stagger damage, staggered enemies can fall down (% increased with charm) for easy kills. Looks really good too.
  7. The Sakai armour is the best for combat. You can get more out of it by equipping Melee/Stagger damage charms (you get multiple so you can stack). But I like the Gosaku armour as well. Looks dope in all colours. Really wish there were costume + charm loadouts though. I end up switching charms and costume on the fly so much. Like, I'll be using the travellers attire to explore and suddenly there's an enemy group in sight so I quickly switch to Sakai armour for that 5 kill streak. And with enemy camps, I like using wind chimes and arrows to poison enemies but mid stealth, I'll feel like just going all out so I end up switching out all the charms. But gotta say, experimenting with the charms is so much fun.
  8. Got both of these today. The art book is so detailed, it really shows how much thought and effort went into every frame of the movie.
  9. I ordered 'The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition' from Amazon US. I've been trying to get my hands on it for a while. First, the regular edition was available on Amazon India. Then I saw that it's on a discounted price on Amazon US. So cancelled the .in order and placed one on .com. Then the Deluxe edition was on sale for 6k (after HDFC card discount) on .in during Prime day. Then the seller cancelled the order because even he's importing from US and since it's out of stock there, he can't deliver on time. So I went to .com to check price and the Deluxe edition was on sale for 60 dollars. Placed an order as fast as I could. Which leads my to my question for people who've imported books recently. What's the customs rate for imported books? I'm getting conflicting rates, ranging from around 500 to almost 1500 extra that I'd have to pay. Amazon is already charging me 60 dollars as deposit, so trying to calculate how much I'll get back.
  10. Xbox One S for now. PC once I actually build one (there's no way my laptop can run this :P) But next-gen consoles don't seem to be as expensive as many feared so probably there too once traveling to US/Dubai etc is safe again.
  11. Fair point, but I'd argue the roster of characters the X -men franchise has demands a game of its own. F4 can show up in either and if Sony had movie rights to them, they'd probably be exclusive in-game too.
  12. You'd think the premise of the game, where Avengers have gone from heroes to villains in the public eye, would qualify as a "big event".
  13. Sony only owns the movie rights. Spider-man is an Avenger. In the comicverse, his role is huge. To make him a side character is a shitty move and a wasted opportunity to do something great with the character. How are people not missing much? Bro, it's Spider-man! People have bought PS4s just to play the 2018 game. It's a huge selling point and the character has had a huge fan following even before Avengers became a Hollywood blockbuster franchise. Making him a side character is just Sony flexing and is bad for all parties involved.
  14. Microsoft buying a studio to develop or make a game exclusively is different from Sony strong arming the people interested in playing a 3rd party game to choose between Xbox and PS4. Especially when it's a major character like Spider-man. Regardless of the quality of the game and the character, this is a dick move. Like Joe said, this means Spider-man won't serve a major role in the game.
  15. This irked me more than I thought it would. I'll check out the beta and maybe pick it up once the first few DLC characters are out later next year. But definitely not at launch at full price when they've made it clear Xbox/PC players aren't getting the full game.
  16. I've been at my grandma's place for a few days so I brought my PS with me. I'll try to fix it but it's not a big deal if it's not, as long as it's ISP related. I was afraid it was an account-level ban. I'll try that, thanks!
  17. I checked my IP before and after restarting the router and it's been the same, yet the ISP insists my connection is Dynamic. When I told him there's no difference in the IP before and after he got triggered and started saying he didn't start doing this for a living yesterday lol. I'll call again in a bit I guess. Thanks man. I'm just glad it's not some serious issue.
  18. I hadn't used my PS4 for a week and today, when I tried opening the PS Plus menu on the console, it kept saying it couldn't connect. Internet is working fine but PSN Sign-in keeps failing. It throws up an error code CE-33729-4 every time I try restarting and reconnecting to the router. When I try opening Sony's website on my phone, it says I don't have permission to access the site.
  19. Anyone else getting 'The World of Cyberpunk 2077' book? Compared to other artbooks, this seems like a proper guide to the world and all the lore and not just a collection of concept art. It's on Amazon for 3366 right now. The Deluxe Edition looks cool but seems like a ripoff for 5k more
  20. Fair point. This is why public betas should be normalised again. I don't expect the Avengers campaign to be that long or exciting but at least I'll get to test out the core mechanics before shelling out the cash. I usually don't play much GaaS titles but seeing as I have a year off, figured I'll try something new. I love the WD ip and still play WD2 from time to time but after Breakpoint and what Valhalla is shaping up to be, ngl, I'm a little apprehensive about Ubisoft. When they revealed the play as anyone concept, I thought it's an interesting approach for a company that seems to want everything to be an RPG. I hope this is at least as good as WD2.
  21. I actually loved Watch Dogs 1 and 2 (despite 1 not being anywhere close to what was promised) but I bought both of them a long time after launch. I've noticed Ubisoft games are on steep discounts almost 6 months after launch, so maybe Legion will be too (but it looks promising unlike recent Ubi failures so maybe not?) Guess I'll wait to play the Avengers beta and then decide [emoji2375]
  22. Even the Standard Edition comes with a steelbook on GTS. I'm contemplating pre-ordering but idk, thinking whether Watch Dogs Legion is a better game to buy rn. Totally different types of games, i know, but looking at this from a value for money perspective.
  23. I'm just guessing here but it might be a DS4 issue. The swipe menu is only displayed when you lightly touch the touchpad. If you have a second DS4 to try this out on, you could confirm/fix the problem.
  24. Plat is fairly easy. You might need to look up guides for the Cooper Clansman trophy but it's kinda obvious once you realise the reference and get the required cosmetics (which I ended up having already by just following the birds every time I saw one). Seriously, that lightning quick fast travel makes farming supplies super easy.
  25. The Sakai armour with the black dye looks the best overall IMO.
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