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  1. Thanks for the info! No, I haven’t compared the Frame with other TVs in person. It’s all been isolated instances, like I’ll see an OLED at a friend’s place etc. Yeah, I’ve read that Samsung doesn’t have Dolby Vision and instead has HDR10+. Is that a huge trade off?
  2. The TV is mostly for gaming, some streaming and live football. The room isn’t dark so I guess blooming won’t be so noticeable? I would love to just get the C1 and forget about upgrades for a while but getting a 65” version isn’t possible right away and the 55” version seems like an unnecessary compromise considering what I’m coming from. Frame it is. Thanks for the help, guys That said, is the price I paid fair or does it go for cheaper than this elsewhere?
  3. Any opinions on the Frame? What it's boiling down to rn is either get 55 C1 or stick with Frame. Either TV would be a massive upgrade in terms of quality for me. So, in your opinion, is the smaller size a reasonable compromise to get better PQ. Whatever review I've seen of Frame says it's good but is the difference in quality THAT pronounced compared to a C1?
  4. Oh, I saw someone post above that C1 is available locally at 1.12 after ICICI offers. I guess I’ll call stores in Bangalore to confirm. But should I choose to stick to a 65 inch TV, is there anything better than Frame at that price point?
  5. Oh awesome. What do you think is a good price to pay for the C1 55? If there isn’t much difference between prices now and during Diwali, I’d much rather buy now. The 65 would require that I wait but I don’t think I have the patience to do that I jumped on the Frame because it was initially listed for 1.35 until recently and I randomly checked yesterday and saw it for 1.19 + 6k discount and 18 month no cost EMI for ICICI Cards. Was too tempting an offer. Figured I’d order and then decide if I should keep or cancel.
  6. My initial plan was to get the 65 inch C1 down the line during some sale but that would require me to go TV-less for a couple of months or take a stop-gap TV on rent. But I had my fears with burn in and the high cost of OLEDs so didn’t really jump in. If I do wait for Dussehra/Diwali, how much do you think I can knock off from the current sale prices? I’m upgrading from a trash 43 inch Micromax 1080p LED which I’ve now had for 5 years and even back when I bought it it was dated, so the Frame itself is a huge upgrade.
  7. Can someone help with this please? My budget is 1L (standard EMI), 1.2L (no-cost EMI for 12-18 months). I’d prefer a 65 inch TV since it’s for the living room. Can’t wait for any sales because I currently have no TV
  8. We’re 4th and we’ve got 3 games in hand. Our only competition for the 4th spot is ourselves. Just gotta take it game by game.
  9. I’ve placed an order for Samsung Frame (2021) 65 inch model for 1.13L on an 18-month no-cost EMI. Is it a good deal or can I get something better for the same price? I mostly play SP games so 120hz isn’t a major priority for me.
  10. Feb haul. Apart from the obvious things on photo, what I was most excited about getting my hands on was the Neon Rising art book by Deathburger. If you guys remember the CP2077 steelbooks, you’d recognise he’s the artist who illustrated them. The art style is really cool and very detailed. Dude threw in a a couple of stickers and postcards extra too. The other thing I’m glad I got is the Xbox 20 year anniversary controller. I’m not one to usually spend more on special edition controllers but this one caught my eye when I first saw a YT reviewer have it in his video and I’ve been looking to buy one ever since. Found it on Mx2. The black bag on the left corner is a flag from Flagster, in support of the football club I love.
  11. Yo this site is awesome. I’ve been trying to find a particular vinyl for a while and they have it for a very good price. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for sharing. I’m now hoping the box is not too big and they don’t charge me the whole 77%
  13. Can someone clarify something for me? I recently ordered a book and 2 T-shirts from citadel9.com. They shipped the items from Spain via their local post so it arrives here via India Post. It reached already and it should be in my hands in about 2 or 3 days. Since I didn’t get any update regarding customs duty, I called the Foreign Post Office where it’s supposed to arrive today. I asked them how much the duty would be and they were like depending on what the Customs Dept feels like, either 0 or 77 percent. what the hell? 77 percent customs for a book and T-shirts? Is that even legal?
  14. PPGC shipping orders out tomorrow since they just got stock. Bangalore peeps will get tomorrow itself it seems.
  15. Got the Special Edition, so not planning on selling it. And it’s precisely because it’s a big game that I got a physical copy of it. Such games deserve a place on your shelf.
  16. @Heaven Angelbeing smooth af and sliding his CV in for the job
  17. Editing my bet to make it an independent giveaway IF @rushaboswal goes through with his giveaway
  18. I just realised the winner of @rushaboswals giveaway will get more than @Heaven Angelis @WhiteWolfactually does the giveaway 500 PSN + 1000 PSN top up/game + game worth 625.
  19. I’m definitely doing it for the lulz but also not a joke bet. As long as @rushaboswalgifts the winner a PSN wallet top up on the platform of their choice; I too will honour my bet
  20. And I’m betting on this bet coming to fruition. If @rushaboswalfulfills his part of the bargain, I’ll buy the winner any game of their choice up to a value of 625 on Gameloot (that’s all I have as wallet balance there :P)
  21. Play the whole game once and then speedrun it on NG+ for an easy plat
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