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  1. Does anyone here use the WD Black Game Drive? Does it have any significant advantage over standard HDD apart from the aesthetics?
  2. Ubisoft is ripe for the taking with their stagnating IPs and their own set of scandals
  3. It’s still in stock. It’s a bundle though. You can get without bundle from prepaidgamercard. Both are back orders and will only arrive by early to mid Feb
  4. Got it without the bundle offer from prepaidgamercard. Would have cancelled and ordered from Amazon if Amazon also wasn’t a back order though
  5. Are Xbox drops random or are there any specific days to get a chance to grab one?
  6. WD SN850 is on sale for 14,919 right now. Lowest I’ve seen after BBD sale. Western Digital WD SN850 1TB, PCIe Gen 4 SSD 7000MB/s R, 5300MB/s W, for Gaming & Content Creators - Black https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08KFS6THF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_TF279P5BWFPBTZ9443RK?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  7. SN850 is going for 14,919 on Amazon right now. Lowest I’ve seen it so far. If anyone is still looking to buy, now would be a good time.
  8. Guardians of The Galaxy surprised me so it’s my pick for the year. Hitman 3 comes in at second, followed by Returnal.
  9. That is the reason many Malayalis have a console - the Middle East connection. My brother and I grew up in UAE so gaming as a hobby wasn’t frowned upon as kids and my cousins would ask us to buy them a console or games and such when we come down for holidays. Same cousins now look at my gaming room and ask me to grow the f**k up because “gAmInG iS fOr kIdS”
  10. Full shogam scene aarunnu. Entho valuthu varaan irunnathu ingane angu poyi ennu vicharikkumbol kurach aashwasam und.
  11. Was supposed to leave for Canada to do the course but then Covid happened. So back to the same old marketing job and no girlfriend. Doing an online course in the same field for now before I can plan for higher studies again. yep. Malayali AF.
  12. Bro forget parents and old people, my girlfriend dumped me because I left a marketing job to pursue a course in Writing for Video Games
  13. All valid points. That’s obviously the future outlook we must aim for. But the current reality is that India, with a median salary of 15k, is not the core market for console/component manufacturers so the necessity of these products is still by and large ‘niche’. Some relief in the heavy taxation will improve the situation but even then, you must see that it’s an expensive hobby (unless one flies the pirate flag). Does that need to change? Obviously. But it’s in the hands of the powers that be and not local retailers or NoobMaster69 on Reddit. I’m sure most of us here has a deep rooted attachment towards gaming and it’s been impactful in shaping who we are to an extent. But assuming that it’s the norm and not the exception is short sighted to say the least.
  14. I’m not discussing social issues. I’m saying gaming is a luxury hobby, especially on the latest gen as well as PC. And speaking of middle class mindset, middle class is defined as those between 2 and 10 lakhs per annum in India. How many of them do you think prioritises gaming? You have your priorities and so do I. Gaming is a priority for me. I spend most of my money on things I want related to gaming and entertainment. But I also understand that it’s not the norm and can accept that in India, gaming comes at a premium. All I’m saying is we should be aware of that fact.
  15. And how much % of our country can afford all that? Holy crap the amount of ignorance here is so high
  16. It’s literally a metric to measure what is essential and what isn’t but of course let’s pretend I said “eVeRyThInG iS A lUxUrY”
  17. It’s not the price of the product, it’s the intent. Gaming doesn’t rate high on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so it is a niche product that serves a very specific, non-essential purpose
  18. My entire point was that things such as high end TV, phones, consoles are luxury items purely from a point of view of where we are as a country. You’re the one who went off a tangent and started spouting nonsense about 3 shirts and clean water being a luxury.
  19. Such hyperbole, much wow. Bro go eat dosa for 3x prices. Just because something is “eSsEnTiAl” for you doesn’t mean it counts as an essential item. My argument was against his moronic justification that a gaming console is not a luxury item. People criticise micro transactions with the full cognisance that it’s not a necessity in life. Normal people do anyway. And if you think you aren’t privileged then you need a wake up call.
  20. How do you consistently have a sh*t take on the most obvious of topics? Are you so oblivious to the privilege that we have? A gaming console is a luxury item. As is an expensive TV or the latest flagship smartphone. In case you didn’t realise, there is an India that doesn’t even have access to basic amenities like running water or electricity. We are still a 3rd world country so your personal priorities aren’t and shouldn’t be an indicator of what is essential and what is luxury. Please post your grievances on r/FirstWorldProblems
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