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  1. Haha. It was 10 lakh till last year. Sony priced theirs for 6 then lg reduced the price. I expect that this (3) would the price 2 years from now.
  2. OK. TES6 will not be on PS. I don't think they will remove existing games but not bring new games.
  3. Has it been announced? If not, I don't think so.
  4. This is bad. There was no concept of paid online multiplayer before microsoft. And remember that Microsoft already raised the price of 6 months gold to $60 from 12 months for the same price. They retracted it, but they did it. "For the gamers": Its all PR. Gamepass is going to be at least $30 a month in 3-4 years time. And, there would be no more retail games. I am pretty sure that most people don't buy or play $360 worth of games in a year. Moreover, you don't own anything. The concept of Don Matrick of online Xbox games with no ownership is coming true. He couldn't execute it. Now, it is coming true. Netflix for Xbox is coming for your ownership of your games. No more used games. This is really bad for the gaming industry.
  5. If it really lasts for 5 seconds and not 0 seconds, most likely your battery is gone. Try replacing the battery first and if it doesn't help you can upgrade to a 2.5 kVA inverter where you would require 2 batteries. So, buy another battery of the same type when you upgrade your inverter.
  6. Spoke too soon. Visa cancelled by the minister on Friday 5 pm (the time of closing of courts which stay closed until Monday morning).
  7. Gameloot has really gone downhill. I also had a similar experience. I won't deal with them again.
  8. Disable Dolby digital in audio settings. Change it to PCM in audio settings of the set top box. Then, the volume control will work. It will work even without this change on SD channels. Dolby digital does not have the facility of volume control. It has to be done by the audio processor. In this case, it is done by the TV. Although, I recommend you to program your Tata sky remote to control the TV volume (and keep DD on STB) as the sound quality on DD vs PCM is night and day.
  9. Yes. One of the biggest problem with OLEDs. Air contains a lot of oxygen and moisture, both of which are enemies of organic semiconductors.
  10. Probably the worst technology to buy if you are interested in longevity of 30 years. OLED degrades in air (and with use) more than any other piece of technology that you might have ever bought other than batteries.
  11. I don't think so. Those which use battery even power is on are called online UPS and they are much more expensive.
  12. Seems fine. But this is better if you can afford to pay 3-4K extra: https://www.luminousindia.com/cruze-2-kva.html This also takes 2 batteries. Most of the cost is of batteries. Better to buy locally though. It should be around 10-11K. You can check UPS mode before buying. And, you don't have to turn your equipment off. You can keep using them. Haha!
  13. I do keep it on UPS mode permanently. You can run them for about 4-5 hours if your batteries are relatively new. UPS'es lost their value to me since Inverters have reduced their switching time so that none of my electronics turns off. Batteries last longer for backup as well as they have life of 5-6 years if maintained well. UPS'es would last for less than 5 minutes and the battery was gone in a couple of years.
  14. Don't do that. Not a good idea to mix old and new batteries. Sell the older one if you can. Or use it until it dies and exchange it with new one. If it is relatively new (around 1 year or so), then it might not be a big problem to mix it with a new one. They have different aging characteristics, so it will age your newer battery faster.
  15. No, unfortunately. The 12 V cannot be efficiently converted to 230 V AC at such a high load. So, buy the biggest possible 2 battery inverter. The price difference between different capacity inverters is small. Most of the cost is of the battery.
  16. You must be having an older inverter. Almost all brands that I have seen in the last 6 years (admittedly, my sample is only 3 brands), have a UPS mode. It is also possible that your battery is weak and needs replacement. I have not had any shutdowns in the last 3 years since I replaced my battery. Also, it is important to use proper gauge of wire. My previous fitting had thinner wire, which along with a long length was causing problems during switchover.
  17. If you are buying a new inverter you need to figure out the load you will be having on the inverter. Inverters < 1100 VA require 1 battery. >1200 VA usually require 2 batteries. >2200 VA require 3 batteries. I currently have a 1400 VA inverter with 2 batteries. My whole house load is on it. 3-4 fans, lights, PC, TV, AVR, everything is on it except cooler, AC, fridge and kitchen appliances. But, make sure to buy a sinewave inverter. Other inverters are useless and may damage your equipment especially those containing transformers because of harmonics.
  18. Both TV and console combined would take less than 400 W. Depending on your inverter's capacity and load in your house, you might have to upgrade your inverter or not. You can't just add batteries to your existing inverter. They are not designed like that.
  19. Why another? Connect it to existing one if you have it. Why buy a UPS then?
  20. If space is not an issue. Sinewave inverter with battery is a much better investment. Longer life, backup.
  21. They don't allow to order from India with a message that we cannot ship to your country because of local conditions. Did you actually order anything?
  22. That is why I cancelled my preorder of PS5. I will wait for the slim version so that the kinks are ironed out and there are games to play (for a reasonable price). 5000 a pop for a game seems like daylight robbery.
  23. They will. PS+ is an example. Multiplayer was free on PS3.
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