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  1. Nadal giving generous breadsticks again. Sigh. some things never change.
  2. Great comeback by Osaka. Well deserved.
  3. sadge

    AO Tennis 2

    Yeah the mods are all over the place and you gotta patiently try what works best. TE4 alpha is out for pre-order buddies. Hopefully it turns out great.
  4. I have seen the video and I’ve seen the Big 4 and above act like jerks when they come close to losing. They are definitely not angels from above like they show off to be. Especially in a competitive sport, where everyone wants to win. As I said before, perfectly valid question back in 2016 to any player. Perfectly valid question now in 2020 to any player. Just because lot of these players do this and nole unintentionally hit the throat of a line judge doesn’t make this behaviour “normal”.
  5. sadge

    AO Tennis 2

    From a pure gameplay experience, I believe nothing comes close to Tennis Elbow 2013 with mods. Some of the custom animations and court layouts are awesome. But it’s more of a simulation game than a arcade-y one.
  6. That was a valid question in 2016*. Still a valid question now to anyone who does this crazy shenanigans. * 2016 O2 I believe
  7. My precious. Eternal regret for not buying this on Steam.
  8. @santanu18 Any place to buy / rent used C92X logitech cams? I would require it for my graduate exams soon. Feel free to tag in case you notice anything during a deal. I might have to sell my C270.
  9. sadge

    Ghost of Tsushima

    This seems to have an underwhelming collectors edition. Also even shops here jack up prices like eBay chimps. 🤦‍♂️
  10. What an a*s beating. Feels like Germany 7-1 Brazil. Actually more embarrassing defeat. now I believe we have two segments remaining like the World Cup defeat. 1. Messi will throw a tantrum and will say he will quit or stop playing UEFA. 2. President will plead him to play for country and fans.
  11. Is that how the steelbook looks? It's so good.
  12. Does anyone know any good quality laptop backpacks that can carry two laptops?
  13. DBZ and Bloodborne! And this was sent over by brother. Philips UV-C thingy 30L. Dad grabbed manual from my hand while reading and pressed start. Used Flipkart after years to order a book ~_~
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