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  1. Med vs Thiem Both of them beat Nadal & Djokovic in the same tournament. Oof
  2. I don’t think Williamson is going to carry this one.
  3. Cancelled my Air 4 order at the last moment for a deal on a barely used iPad 11 inch 2018 256 GB with Apple care. (< price of Air 4 64 GB) Love the case and that creative wallpaper! Wish there was case like that for iPad.
  4. Williamson deserves something after the WC f**kery 😂
  5. If there any good deals on laser printers, please tag me. Hopefully something <8k
  6. I just saw the reddit threads. Ha! what a childish twat. I actually thought that site was legit good place to buy till now.
  7. Punjab won? Wow. Let’s go!
  8. Ad revenue takes a hit whenever CSK plays lol
  9. This came in today. Hopefully worth it.
  10. Punjab deserve this win. Well played! GG!
  11. Yeah that was complete sh*t, covered with reasoning "it's by the rules". Imagine something played once every 4 years decided like that lol
  12. Seriously MI hahahaha xD
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