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  1. Is it better than a Q600A? I have yet to buy my new tv, probably an Lg c1. Is it worth it at this price?
  2. Currently unable to send / reply to private messages via PM. After clicking submit - it's in Saving........
  3. Have seen more number of people receiving stones and old products stuffed from Flipkart recently. Looks like they are not accepting even unboxing videos. my only experience and one big purchase gone wrong was when I bought pixel 4a for my dad and they gave me a defective phone (seal broken - day 1) + asked me to deal with google when asked to replace 😂 google’s support was even more shitty.
  4. Is it possible to reject DTDC courier at doorstep if shop seller sent by mistake? (Wrong order) does the return get updated in same tracking id? Anyone had similar experience?
  5. Looks like France mandated a law stating vaccine is mandatory to participate in Roland Garros. lol
  6. Damn what a sh*t show. If they didn’t want him there, could have just canceled the visa when he requested the first time. Became too political for Australian govt to ignore.
  7. Anyone know where to buy used/refurbished GoPro for a cheaper price?
  8. Any suggestions for an air purifier under 10k? Would this help someone with a sinus problem?
  9. If it’s even slightly technical or the mistake is on their side from a technical standpoint related to incorrect debit/credit/ refunds/cashback reversal, the normal CS and leadership team are useless. I have called twice and also once via chat.
  10. You got a reply from which team? Resolution-in? Or something else?
  11. @LordSpymasteryes. “Hello, This is an automatic e-mail to inform that this email address is no longer in use. Please get in touch with our customer service team through the contact us channel: https://www.amazon.in/gp/help/customer/contact-us/ Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that can't accept incoming e-mail. Please don't reply to this message. Regards, Customer Service Department Amazon.in" P.S. You received this message because Amazon.com received the following message:” so we are basically doomed. Lol
  12. Does anyone know an esclation point for Amazon India? Jeff email bounces and haven't received anything back from resolution-in. Man these CS guys are worthless. You ask a simple question like why full payment debited is not refunded back to payment source and they say saar 200 rupees we have put in amazon pay balance. like mf, that is why I'm asking why!
  13. Arguably but more than that, battery life sucked for me. Sold it and kept using buds+ For this price + 1k coupon discount + 1.5k instant discount, I’d say it’s worth it lol
  14. Wow so 12 mini Flipkart price is same as Amazon iPhone 11 price. I should have bought more stuff on Flipkart for plus lol
  15. How much is the 12 and 12 mini? I’m not a plus member unfortunately
  16. I don't know. We'll see. I thought he'd win Olympic gold. He did not even win a medal.
  17. Zverev is in top form. Should be an interesting US open. In 5 sets format, I still think Djokovic got this. He has to do this infront of the worst GS crowd of all time.
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