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  1. Bruh I was about to buy after you posted asking if what you bought at was a deal price or not. boy! This is some turn of events.
  2. Anyone have icici credit card? Trying to utilise the deal on Amazon
  3. Actually confused whether to get this or AirPods 2nd gen. I’m in office calls most of the day. Not sure if both of them last that long
  4. Bought some for my nephew. Thanks for the post.
  5. As someone new to investing in stocks, seeing most of it at ATH makes me question myself if I’m investing at a right time. Do you guys believe in SIP and go on with your stock addition or wait for some sort of correction when everything is at the top?
  6. If you didn’t know, this all started with the sledging of Naveen in the 17th over. Followed by spat by Naveen during handshake and the rest you know. Mayers probably was having a casual chat, Gambhir is a childish egoistic prick. He has always been like that. Some people who love drama more might have enjoyed this game but for me, this was stupid and unwanted. Maxwell and faf were having a good laugh at skinny dudes fighting ?
  7. Thanks. Placed an order for iPhone 14 plus. Hope the battery lasts longer since I use it heavily for work.
  8. How do you guys view the xiaomi 13 pro? Good phone for 70k? Comes to around 57k after phone exchange
  9. Try Reliance Digital and Croma. Go to the store directly during Friday - Sunday window. LG website has a 5% discount for new members too. lowest price from Amazon & Flipkart all are from sellers rated so low. So that’s depressing. Reliance guy also said he’ll give 3 year warranty for the same price compared to one from others.
  10. So this is what I have (listing min price alone) after getting quotes from some offline stores. LG C2 55” - ₹1.20L + 7k cashback from no-cost EMI. LG C2 65” - ₹1.88L + same cashback scheme. LG G2 55” - ₹1.35L + for some reason no Cashback on this one. I don’t know if they are bluffing to clear C2s. Sony A80K 55” - ₹1.40L Sony A8OJ 55” - ₹1.09L Honestly did not see a difference between A80J and A80K. For me, A80J sounded better even. ? G2 looked so slim throughout and was a little bit brighter than C2. I don’t know if that is worth paying extra 15K. Probably not. preference is to wall mount whatever I buy. I don’t know if it’s me but colours on the Sony looked very vibrant. probably have to goto a different RD store. The staff didn’t seem like he wanted to sell the TVs or even slightly interested to explain offers
  11. This helps! thanks. Yeah, I’m too paranoid to buy any value stuff from OLX/Flipkart, let alone high-value products. I expected more deals from Croma. I usually see great discounts. I’ll see some offline stores tomorrow.
  12. That seems pricey. Is that 65 inch or 55 inch? I found one olx seller giving C2 for 1.02 L offering same day COD with bill and standard warranty. Apparently this is - gst amount. Kinda looks shady but he’s been in olx since 2014 and has been transparent so far. Never trusted olx so this one is last resort.
  13. Ok. I'll try to see more local shops in Chennai. So far checked LG showrooms - they simply restate the same MRP + bank offer cashback for no-cost EMI payment mode. Price in Croma is even higher than LG showroom itself. Don't know how that works T_T Checked two other where there's negligible discount. :/
  14. Thanks. Does this sound like a good price? https://www.amazon.in/LG-Inches-Ultra-Smart-OLED55C2PSC/dp/B0B5H3BWSB
  15. What’s the best OLED TV I can go for under 1.5L? 55 inches. Main purpose is for watching movies. Might buy a PS5 2 months later. Did some research and narrowed it down to LG G2. Heatsink and extra nits over C2 is a nice bonus. But G2 comes to 1.38L. However I’m seeing a model in Sony called A80J which comes down to 1.14L after discounts which is really nice price. Also hearing good things about Sony processing and quality. Other than the 2 minimal hdmi ports, I don’t see any cons. Looks VFM. any other model I should be looking at? please suggest some good shops in Chennai for OLED tv purchase.
  16. Where did you buy it and did it cost less overall?
  17. sadge

    Diablo IV

    Will collectors edition be available in india?
  18. I suspect Flipkart will also soon cancel orders. This is such a odd pattern from consoles_india
  19. Will there be a GoW Console bundle in India?
  20. looks awesome. I'm guessing outside India?
  21. LG C2 ? How much and where did you get it?
  22. Is it worth getting a SBI CC just for deals? My wife has a debit card from them and they suck balls. for example: blocked her card for paying for a hotel past 1 am in the name of suspicious activity and now we have to write a letter & go back to main branch to unblock.
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