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  1. All websites. I only use ublock origin I guess, but will try that once. Thanks!
  2. Idk if this is the right thread but whenever I'm browsing the web, irrespective of website, whether this or youtube, it somehow loads multiple pages. Then if I want to go back, I have to press the back button multiple times as the webpage creates multiple entries of the same webpage. So I have to press the back button 7-8 times to actually go back. Even when I open a single link in a new tab, it creates multiple links of it and has the back button enabled even then even though it leads to the same webpage. I'm using Google Chrome. Any fix for this?
  3. Pretty good. As mentioned above, kind of like Breaking Bad. But worth watching imo
  4. Not sure. I had enquired during the very first sale and at that time they were just taking customer details regarding it.
  5. Just saw the first episode of Succession season 3. Man why do they have to make it a weekly release. Can't wait for the future episodes. I missed this show too much
  6. Recently saw Tubbar on SonyLiv. Amazing story and a great show. Succession s3 next for me
  7. Looks decent. How's the build quality? Any heating or other issues? Could you please share the link? Thanks a lot!
  8. Woah enjoy! The upgrade will be amazing! I've personally liked all the Vu TVs I've seen so far, bright and good display. When is it coming?
  9. Any particular one? They have like 4-5 cables, confused which one to get
  10. Anything in particular to look for when it comes to lightning cable? Also any idea about charging speed compared to the original lightning cable?
  11. Any recommendations for a good lightning cable? Or is Apple one the best? Any cheaper alternatives without sacrificing much quality? Any reviews for the AmazonBasics one?
  12. 70k for the AU does seem expensive. Have a look at the Hisense one
  13. No worries! There's an Indian youtuber who has made tons of videos on the AU9070 as well, have a look at those! I had seen all of them and saw it in person and liked the TV . How much does the 50/55" cost? Also have a look at the Hisense U6G. Has pretty good reviews on rtings and comes around 60k for 55" I think. Will try this, thanks a lot! Tried their settings as well but the screen looked a slight dull compared to the dynamic mode, but will try to mess around the settings more! Thanks a lot!
  14. Kohinoor is good, usually buy most of my electronics from there only. It has an outlet in Lokhandwala and Santacruz on SV Road. I think might have more but not sure of other outlets. Its a proper electronics chain like Croma, etc. Edit: Would just like to add they've been good to me atleast so far with whatever I've bought :P. Hope others also have the same experience. Many times ends up giving the lowest price and hence buy from there usually.
  15. Finally got my Q60T delivered, insane jump from 1080p. What are the best TV settings? Currently find dynamic much better, however I'm getting soap opera effect while watching IPL on the inbuilt hotstar app, I guess will it'll be there even when watching EPL on hotstar. What settings are there to disable it? Tried to put LED Motion on/off but no effect, same with judder reduction.
  16. LG only has 2 HDMI ports so might be inconvenient in the future. Regarding the crystal HD, if there is a Croma/RD near your house, go there and see in person. They usually have the offline verions of the AUE60/70 which is AU7700 and AU8000 I think. They also have the AU9070. I personally liked the quality of the AU 9070 the most, display looked much better compared to the Chinese counterparts. However, depends on the size you want. Many of my friends have Vu and personally liked its quality for the price it offers. Try bargaining the AU9070 for 41-45k. I had managed to get the price down to 41k but in the end was too late and went for Q60t instead. Although, if you want 4k@120hz, then I think frame 55" is the lowest you can go. Not sure if any 43" tv offers 120hz. AU9070 has a HDMI 2.1 port and has 1080p gaming at 120Hz and 4k@60Hz and also has VRR. Vu I don't think has any of those features though. Not sure about the input lag on Vu, but from what I researched, it was very low on the AU9070 and is good for gaming.
  17. Oh just saw the links, wasn't visible earlier. Thanks a ton buddy!
  18. Any good recommendations for mask for daily use? Currently use surgical masks, usually wear a double mask if going somewhere crowded. Are N95 reusable? Afaik they're not. How are the cloth masks in terms of safety? Seen a lot of the Adidas one but not sure if they're actually safe even though many of them have a snug fit.
  19. I guess I'll go for that for now, seems too much of a headache to get it to emulate TV colours. Also is there any harm in attaching the strip to the back of the TV? Will it cause any issues due to the LED heating or anything? Also, not sure but I don't think you've linked any LED strip, but I may be mistaken. But I think what you were trying to say is just a basic LED strip with a USB port, like the one you get on Amazon right? The XERGY one or something. Thanks a lot for your help buddy!
  20. Not sure how much bulbs will help with the ambient lighting and where to set it up but will look into it! Any idea how do you connect it to the TV so that the lighting changes as per the scene or something? Never used Raspberry Pi and don't know anything about it and Phillips Hue is just too expensive atm. Mi had launched some smart LED strip as well I think but can't find it anymore. If I just buy a regular strip and connect the USB to the back of my TV, will it just automatically stay on as soon as I turn the main power on of the TV?
  21. Are there any budget alternatives for the Phillips Hue for ambient lighting for desk/TV? Any recommendations for something with a remote or which can be controlled via phone? Hue seems too expensive atm.
  22. Any news of No time to die coming on any streaming platforms or any online mediums? Still feels a bit risky to go to theatres and I think they're still shut
  23. How much did you get it for and what size?
  24. Just ordered a Q60T, first 4k TV. Will be upgrading from 1080p 24" monitor, can't wait!
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