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  1. Is Samsung 55" BU8000 good? Any other recommendations in 55" inch?
  2. I am getting only 4K discount, how did you get extra 1K discount?
  3. Sony WH-XB910N good deal for 9K?
  4. Is Sony WH-XB910N is good for 9K? https://www.flipkart.com/sony-wh-xb910n-active-noise-cancellation-enabled-bluetooth-headset/p/itm668d0bbb72e6b?pid=ACCGBHRANHMKRMDP&lid=LSTACCGBHRANHMKRMDPVSEZMG&marketplace=FLIPKART&q=sony+xb910n&store=0pm%2Ffcn%2Fgc3%2Fka8&srno=s_1_2&otracker=AS_QueryStore_OrganicAutoSuggest_1_9_na_na_ps&otracker1=AS_QueryStore_OrganicAutoSuggest_1_9_na_na_ps&fm=search-autosuggest&iid=0d774668-d41c-4c09-8395-1b628a462102.ACCGBHRANHMKRMDP.SEARCH&ppt=sp&ppn=sp&ssid=0e0xfaerso05slc01664106954641&qH=71adc9fa0e733064
  5. Well James Gunn was fired unceremoniously. I will wait for GOG V3 before passing judgement. Even then, Most MCU directors have burned after MCU. Remember Josh Whedon deleting twitter and falling off the radar after Avengers? Even Taika Waititi seems to have been affected.
  6. Watched Gray man. Just another time waster. Dhanush lines are cringe like "These are not honorable people" shouldn't you know that when they destroyed half of Prague. And WTF is the ending. No pay off for watching the movie. Who is the old man? Why Danny gets to escape? Stupid ending for a 200 Million dollars movie. Edit: It just proves that Russo brothers are hyped up by MCU. OR MCU is like a talent sucker which sucks out all talents from its director. None of the MCU directors have shined outside of MCU.
  7. 60-70K. 4K preferred with color accurate panel.
  8. Can anyone recommend good 55 inch TV for watching movies via OTT.
  9. I replaced the laptop with new one which has almost minimal yellow tint. With further tweaks it came close to neutral than bluish. I got to know that its how Asus tweaks their display for more yellow tint than neutral for reasons unknown.
  10. Less than 4 year old Aadhaar is not mandatory. For the 5 year old AAdhaar in current address is mandatory along with parents passport and parents presence in PSK. 2 year old does not need to visit PSK but you can check with them. The 5 year old need to visit PSK for biometric and photo capture. Carry passport photo of both kids just in case.
  11. Samsung M32. Just bought for my friends mom.
  12. It will still have 2 more years of security updates and I am not worried about OS update as my wife wont be bothered by it. Is there any other good phones between 25-30K?
  13. Is Samsung S20 FE 5G good purchase now? I am getting it for 28.5K after corporate discount?
  14. Any MG owners here? How is the service and spare parts availability? Any Astor owners?
  15. Same here, Also any small cap stocks for 10 years time frame.
  16. Added small quantities in SBI, Infosys, Tata motors, Jubilant Food works, and Tata elxsi. Market will drop further to 52 or even 50 and consolidate around 51-52K. Will keep adding small quantities for every 1K drop.
  17. I posted this in notebook thread but got no response. I recently purchased Asus Vivobook K15 OLED laptop and the screen has pale yellow tint. Is this a common thing with OLED screens? https://i.imgur.com/QByVZp7.jpeg
  18. Has anyone got Asus Vivobook K15 OLED laptop? Screen has pale yellow tint.. Is this common thing with OLED screen? https://i.imgur.com/QByVZp7.jpeg
  19. Instead of Hector, try Astor Turbo TOP end. I was blown away by Astor build quality and interior.. Its build like couple of segments higher. Back seat is a big let down and panoramic sunroof is covered by thin cloth thing, other than that there is not much draw back with Astor...
  20. I am seeing doubling of cases every day. Omicron is spreading faster than any other virus on earth. It is going to hit us like a tsunami and we are still unprepared for it. Hopeful that vaccines will do its job and reduce hospitalization.
  21. Finished the main story + both DLCs. The most differentiating aspect of Witcher 3 with any other games was the side missions that matters. Its a truly open world game where every decision has consequences. The depth of story even in a small scrap of paper and the vastness of the world is astounding. Now i understand the rage of CyberPunk2077 crowd and understand why they felt cheated. I thought buying digital copy for 599 was a waste but now after completing it, I feeling empty. Planning to start New game+ soon..
  22. Thanks. When was this? I am going from TN, I am hoping its not required.
  23. Does anyone know whether RTPCR -ve test is mandatory for people entering Bangalore from Tamil Nadu via Train. I booked the tickets and now some one is saying its mandatory for all coming from Tamil Nadu.
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