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  1. Unable to find/enable photo mode, anyone can help?
  2. Finally, long wait pays off Now have to wait till it downloads
  3. Got a call from them, said will be shipped mostly before 15th, also shipping charges at the time of delivery has to be paid
  4. I was the last one to buy from them lol, hope it's genuine
  5. I think it's like this, Extra - essential = 4999 - 2999 = 2000 * 2.5 = 5000 deluxe - essential = 5749 - 2999 = 2750 * 2.5 = 6875 Still confused whether to upgrade to extra or deluxe coz they've added remasters/remake to classic catalogue, can someone confirm whether it's working with extra or not
  6. It's showing ₹6799 for deluxe and ₹5000 for extra upgrade, for 1093 days/3yrs
  7. Anyone knows why the Other section is taking so much space on my ps5. Is this same with everyone or should I try a system reset. https://imgur.com/wwh2gVL I have nothing on download and no disc inserted, just few ps4/ps5 games rn.
  8. You can also try CDAC course, you'll have to study for 6 months, but they provide lots of high package companies.
  9. Same as last time, unable to click complete order button
  10. Flipshope chrome extension works for autobuying? Anyone used it?
  11. 27th Restock also on Flipkart https://www.flipkart.com/gaming-store
  12. Is there any special way to order it? Non essentials are allowed at my place still unable to book everytime..
  13. Sasc digital up, stuck on complete order, as always
  14. Happened with me too, guess they forgot to implement onclick function
  15. Available on Amazon also https://www.amazon.in/b?_encoding=UTF8&node=976460031&ref_=msbc_t1_vgsw_all_vg
  16. I can see Flipkart also. https://ibb.co/QX2NRs3
  17. https://www.livelaw.in/know-the-law/is-your-private-vehicle-a-public-place-law-has-different-answers-172717
  18. ps5-india-restock-digital-edition-coming-soon-according-to-sony-official-retail-partner
  19. I gave him 'the signal' by shooting near him, he fled away then?
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