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  1. if anyone in bangalore got two pieces, i will be interested in picking up one....
  2. same thing happended to me on shopatsc and amazon. no sanctity of cart. never saw it going live on flipkart, vijaysales, game shop, gamer card... started hitting refresh even before 12
  3. in my cart at shopatsc, cant complete order, am i wasting my time...
  4. MGS 5 definitive edition for 300
  5. Crap!!! still nothing... looks like they forgot its february...
  6. no psplus games yet. last wednesday is gone.... has it ever happened before.
  7. control witcher 3. this one is difficult. too many key combinations.
  8. GTA 5 premium edition - 999 Last of US II - 1499 Until Dawn - 599 Valhalla ultimate edition - 2999, gold edition - 3200 (seller has bad reviews though) All for PS4.
  9. Thanx, Purchased.!!! AC syndicate - 494 Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition - 1037 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - 824 STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order - 1259
  10. AC3 - 999 AC Origins - 799 AC Rogue - 599 GTA san andreas - 836 GTA 3, vice city - 748 far cry 3 classic edition - 449 DMC HD collection - 999 metro 2033, last light redux - 332 each red dead revolver - 748 pacman 166
  11. thanks guys. Anyone willing to sell their copy for ps4. already started a thread in wtb section.
  12. I have never played any AC games before. Would this be a good game to start the series, or should i try to get the ezio collection first. Does this game require me to know the story of previous games. I kinda like whatever i heard about this one so far.
  13. saw on psn: tomb raider definitive edition for 224, yakuza 0 for 374. also on discount are some of the resident evils and old dooms.
  14. Hi, All. new gamer here. bought a ps4 pro about 6-7 months ago for my son. Had a ps2 before. I never played the ps2, could never get used to using the controller. Gave it another shot and somehow got used to it now. so far i have played uncharted 1-3, 4 is midway. Shadow of the tomb raider is also midway. Played the horizon zero dawn and loved it. super game. waiting for part 2 of that. Before all this, used to play old pc games only. prince of persia (first one), wolfenstein 3d, tetris, quake, doom, heretic etc. Never bothered to get a graphics card though.
  15. The 20 odd new games that they are giving with ps5, are those with DLCs or without them.
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