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  1. MS shouldn't have to build pressure on regulators like this. They already said COD will reach more players than ever. Pass the damn deal already.
  2. Vaibhavp

    Remnant 2

    Looks like proper big budget sequal. Original sold like 4 million I think, and has a fanbase. Definitely will play.
  3. Vaibhavp

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Starting with this just after RE2R. Gets repetitive complaints are not encouraging for a 10 hrs game. Still, it's a rhythm game so will give it benefit of doubt, not everyone is gonna enjoy it equally.
  4. Resident Evil 2 Remake. Enjoying it. Mostly old school metroidvania level design. Have to say, am getting curious about original PS1 version now. Good thing I didn't purchased RE3 remake. Will definitely play PS1 version of it when I get the chance.
  5. No idea why people are comparing it to Avengers or Gotham Knights. I had zero interest in them when gameplay was shown. This on the other hand, looks good. Reminds me more of Destiny than those two. Looks much more competently made. This also has finish-able campaign unlike Destiny so grind is not endless apparently.
  6. Vaibhavp

    Diablo IV

    Not surprising. Blizzard are masters at milking their fanbase. Not only is base game exorbitantly priced, it won't drop in price anytime soon either. On top they want to sell us battlepass and single player expansions.
  7. Yeah, they are big reason for longevity of the game. They work better on steam version than gamepass one i guess.
  8. This was about how good gamepass is doing this year. Starfield will be a massive release on steam regardless. People play Skyrim to this day, it's very high on most played games on steam. Like 30k player peak today itself.
  9. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    This small resolution/frame rate difference is impossible to detect in real world situation. It's just console war ammunition. If one is locked 60, other one is dipping in 40s, then only you can make out.
  10. fUtUre oF gAmiNg.... It's already decided. People are free to enjoy whatever they like. Gatekeepers of gaming are getting weird.
  11. Dude, I was looking forward to it. Now it seems to be delayed indefinitely into the next year, just cause... Major mistake to unveil it in PlayStation showcase, not the target audience. Hopefully they will have same energy when TLOU Factions gets revealed. Or one of the other 10 GAAS titles they are working on
  12. Combat in this game reminds me of Returnal. With more freedom to fly around via jet packs. Looking at videos of both games. It is supposed to be a good thing, right?
  13. I play Fortnite a lot, thank you very much. TBH, do you really think Arkham Knight combat holds up to GAAS standards? It gets old really fast. 40 hrs in and I've had enough.
  14. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    I had same reaction when I played on PS2. You need to stick with it. Won't take long. Once it will click, it will be great.
  15. Guns is fine. Avengers/ GOTG should have gone this way. They would have been successful. How hard it will be to implement variety of melee combat in a GAAS type of game? It needs to be perfection. Like Monster Hunter games. Rocksteady is being smart and knows its limits. Bulbs are present on big monsters. Way better than scripted fights where you have little control. There are other small enemies which don't have this. We don't know if it will be grindy. They need to release game first. Gameplay/ graphics are top shelf. Looks smooth, extremely mobile. Looks like a ton of fun in coop.
  16. IMO they hit it out of the park with trailer for this one. Best thing about Arkham Knight was how harrowing and difficult was the night for Batman. By the end, i was certain no way Batman survives all this. And he actually doesn't and hangs the cape. Suicide Squad has the potential to be a similar journey for its characters. Cause obviously they are going against impossible odds. They capitalised on this aspect really well, especially at the end of the trailer. But somehow it's not good enough for the internet, knee jerk reactions are getting out of hands.
  17. Good thing it's moving out of Redfall proximity, a very similar game. Would've been hard to choose, provided anyone was ready to buy it for coop
  18. Is new battle pass good?
  19. "Combat designed by an amateur" Hilarious. Personally I much prefer control scheme here cause deflect, attack all of it is mapped to face buttons. Makes is much more snappy. I will definitely break bumper if deflect was mapped to that. Also, if you take on enemies one by one, you won't have to deflect in quick succession. Taking on multiple enemies wouldn't work even if you pulled it off cause you won't be able to get hit on both at same time. One thing I like about this game is accessibility. It's perfectly balanced. Not brutal in difficulty and punishment.
  20. *Launch title* *This entire generation* Doesn't add up. PS first party line up looks dire this year. PS VR is a nice excuse I guess. None of this is internal discussion or supposed to be not disclosed. It's upto them if they want to share it. Its just painting Jimbo in bad light, that's apparently is the problem for some people.
  21. Behind closed doors means telling something to your trusted colleagues/ employees. Telling something to your competitor is as good as doing a press conference.
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