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    Sales for the game are not bad i think. They revealed it with PS5 and I think this was most impressive reveal of all the games shown. Final game doesn't look as impressive, so the trailer was mostly bull shots i guess. But it did got a lot of people hyped up.
  2. I can recommend High on Life. Just ignore the metascore. I finished it. It's pretty enjoyable. Would be right up your alley if you enjoy Ratchet and Clank games. Made with lesser budget but much better writing. If you enjoy Forspoken, post in it's thread.
  3. 2023 line up and beyond is a concern. Nobody knows if they are even developing any games or not. Haven't shown anything. Just said they are developing 10 live service games after buying a bunch of no name studios.
  4. There is a show planned in a couple of days. You know that right?
  5. Vaibhavp


    Higher than expected.
  6. Plenty. Redfall is actually coming along pretty nicely. Dat music and atmosphere...
  7. Is it 2023 though? We haven't seen any footage. And it is supposedly next gen, something all engine developers are struggling with.
  8. Are they not?? Seems to me they are mostly depending on 3rd party paid deals for 2023 which are bad for everyone in industry. They don't have any shows like E3 where they can show their games cause they are mostly working on GAAS titles. Ubisoft cancelled like, 10 GAAS games in last few years so there is no guarantee they will get released or will get any traction. On top of that, success of tv show will definitely not go unnoticed. I expect a lot more TV shows and a lot less games.
  9. Druckmann is directing tv shows now. Their games will definitely be delayed. Also if show is so successful, that will dictate what games they work on. Prepare for TLOU3 and TLOU2 remake when people are clamouring for new IP.
  10. Can you take extra precautions, like making unboxing videos when you receive a package? And share them with seller if they are not satisfied. That would go a big way towards maintaining trust. All buyers do it, when we buy anything expensive online like from Amazon.
  11. PlayStation TV focus is concerning. If you bought system for single player games, it is one of the biggest bait and switch. They shifted focus to live service games, then VR, now TV shows. Reminding me of TV..TV..TV during Xbone reveal. 2023 is already looking dire while competition is set to surpass them convincingly.
  12. Likely the employee made a new account and sold expensive ram from there. How exactly will you trace something like that?
  13. Give him the order number. These things are hard to trace if one of the employees is doing it. Manager/owner cannot be peeking into each and very thing that they do.
  14. Yeah. Just watch this. It's simplified, else story is too complicated.
  15. Yes, if you can. Else watch story from a YouTube video.
  16. It will be nuts if they are able to hit Assassin's Creed quality. Being a fan of Harry Potter books that is.
  17. Play yourself and judge. It's on gamepass. I wouldn't be surprised if people draw this conclusion after playing it. Don't need to stop sending review codes.
  18. Doom review embargo lifted same day as release. It was id Soft so no idea why people doubted them. Though back then they hadn't made awesome game in long time. And people were kinda not expecting it to do anything special.
  19. Review codes are sent with a fat cheque. That will ensure good reviews. Obviously it cannot be done if there are 100s of outlets.
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