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  1. Gamers say all kind of sh*t. Next they will start quoting Ank and shift blame on him for having such opinions. No nonsense about these 2.
  2. "Vomit inducing". Yup professional media is gone to dogs.
  3. How is Starfield outdated? It has solar system simulation. You look up, you see a moon, you can go there. It features GI with starlight that acts like actual simulation. Tell me which game has done that before. People have not played No Mans Sky it seems. Everything is window dressing in that game. Fan theory. Starfield is a breakthrough title. Big reason why it was evaluated at 7.5 Billion. Nope. MS has too much firepower now. Anyone thinking otherwise is in lala land. PlayStation/ Nintendo still thriving is proof it's not being used to go for console market share.
  4. Gamepass generosity is coming to an end. MS had tied CEO compensation to subscriber growth. Subscriber nos have plateaued so they have changed that to revenue. I have a couple of years of GP so non issue for me. Either ways, will be interesting to see how MS will increase revenue without eating into console share of Sony/Nintendo. They have always been reluctant to do that. They will need to figure out ways to grow premium games market. Good luck to them for that.
  5. Am playing Resident Evil Village. It has that metascore. Feeling more and more metascore is an arbitrary number. It's one heck of a game.
  6. Starfield... Good game Halo Infinite... Good game Gears 5... Good game. Not sure these prove your point. One thing I will say since you like to downplay modern Gears and Halo. If you liked old Halo and Gears games, you will love these new ones. Modern controls, smooth 60 fps, extremely precise controls... Most fun to play games out there.
  7. Vaibhavp

    Remnant 2

    First of 3 DLC packs incoming.
  8. Understandable, can't compete with Series X so will try to deflect to completely different product.
  9. What exactly do you expect? When it launched it was most played game after Fortnite for over a month. It's a SP title that you can play for 150-200 hrs or so. After that it will drop off. Bethesda veterans are waiting for official mod support to launch. Bethesda also patches their game heavily after launch. I am waiting for some stuff added to planet surfaces before jumping back in.
  10. Those are forced sales, same as this. But Xbox will get paid, that was the point.
  11. That's some next level deduction. Xbox will get those COD sales, you realise that?
  12. Discs drop in value fast. Of course if you want best value, wait a year and buy. Just got RE Village Gold Edition for Rs 1200. Incredible value.
  13. I will Ubi+ it. A couple of games I wanna play. Just hoping they will trust player to explore. In AC Odyssey they did tried Morrowind approach to quests with giving you objective description instead of quest markers. But then chickened out by putting "? " at potential objectives.
  14. Subscribe when you want to play something. Unsubscribe after finishing it. You will end up paying same price as now cause sometimes couple of months pass when I am not playing anything.
  15. But seriously, I had no idea gamepass was such a good deal you could rely on it completely without buying anything. No wonder ponies are salty.
  16. 1$? What world do you live in? I pay in INR. Also am sure you will make next PlayStation CEO as sole owner of all your earthly belongings in your will. I don't have that sort of dedication.
  17. This non sense again?? Am sure you are happy to fund retirement fund for Jimbo.
  18. In Skillup video he says they are focusing on quality over quantity. Ubisoft games sorely need this since a long time. Also if you notice, UI is minimalistic, a lot more focus on guiding you through cues in actual game world. Not looking perfect, but there is a chance.
  19. Do PS5 even have 3rd party controllers on Amazon India? Can't find any. Licensed or otherwise. I have 2 Xbox 3rd party controllers, both are licensed. One of them is pro controllers with 4 back padels, replacable joysticlks etc that I got for very good price. Maybe look at situation on your favorite console first ??
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