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  1. Ok, this is sounding real interesting. Whatever he says in video this could be a properly differentiated title from Ubisoft in a long time. Fingers crossed. Only issue is no non ray tracing mode. Not sure how it's gonna work on Series S.
  2. Anyways, I am bummed this is a walking sim with just 2-3 enemy encounters per hour. Killed all my hype. Maybe at some point will check it out.
  3. Boss battles in Control were A grade. Optional ones you get after you have explored everything.
  4. It's in line with what you expect out of gaming. One thing I will say, if you don't like writing in Control, maybe you are missing out on subtle details. It's not in your face and simplified, something like in Uncharted or Call of Duty games. You need to pay a bit more attention than that.
  5. When you say Sony exclusive, stuff like Spiderman comes to mind. Bungie games don't ring a bell. MS is more like a clean slate. Everything they purchase it becomes their game immediately.
  6. Vaibhavp


    Done with preliminary playthrough. 100+ hrs. Didn't do any quests yet, just activities and side stuff you get in cities. I think this is my favorite setting. Just exploring the galaxy, the desolation, atmosphere, music. It's sublime. Clearly the best part about it. Audio visual experience is some of the best out there. Combat feels great. Skill tree is as diverse as they come. You can role play a wide variety of professions. Engineer who specialises in ship building to botanist who is expert in alien plants to combat specialist sniper to.... Builds are pretty cool. After playing 100+ hours I think the weakness of the game is clear to me. It has a ton of content. But most of that content does not encourages you to explore planets. A lot of it happens within city walls or at max, inside caves. Some of the quests task you with exploring a given planet to figure out what happened there. Those are best ones and game needs more of those. It's unfortunate that even after having so much content, there is need for a bit more work to elevate the game to higher status. Overall I think Bethesda maintain their lead as pioneer open world game developers. While usual open world game formula is getting stale, this is a solid step forward. Only thing I would like to see added is a reason to explore planets more. That is only thing holding it back from becoming an all time great. I will keep game on hard drive and keep jumping in the game from titme to time. It feels like a comfy blanket.
  7. Is this mostly walking sim? Hearing about that.
  8. Ok, open universe is the word. A planet is a planet in this game. Atmosphere to gravity to skybox to resources, everything is different. No idea why you are confusing this with fast travel in soulsborne games. There is a starmap that connects everything together.
  9. Mass Effect was fully story based game. You couldn't go to final area just after you start the game. That is not the case with this. This is proper evolution of open world genre. Change biome you are playing at press of a button. Doesn't make sense. You seem confused. There is no freedom cause you can visit different planets anytime you want?? You should take a look at some screenshots of the game. Its very pretty. I can spend a ton of time in this gameworld. As I said, I have 100+ hrs in the game just exploring. No quests done. Take that as you will. If this is what you call a 2012 game and mediocre, I want more of this.
  10. It is open ended Mass Effect. It offers 100% freedom from get go. I have 100+ hours just exploring space. Done no quests whatsoever.
  11. They just put Starfield/ Forza Motorsport on service. No wonder it's ponies that are complaining. Before you start making wild claims about Starfield, lemme remind you they perfected open world formula before your favorite systems open world games were even concieved. It's a step forward for them and won't take long for them to perfect these new type of games as well.
  12. Bruh, only one first party game this year. I would call this tumbling. But you be like
  13. This is why I don't rely on reviews, just watch some videos and see if I like something. I was sold on the game after playing Control. I don't like original Alan Wake all that much. Just need to see if I can make some time for it. Cause Baldurs Gate 3 is looking like day 1 on xbox release for me.
  14. This is oddly specific. Where are you getting this from? Isn't it a good thing? You will get to keep it, rather than sell it and regret later. Just buy at price you think is justified. Also, compare it to RE7 Or 8. RE4 is a remake of already great game. This one is brand new.
  15. Looking great. Considering playing this year.
  16. If you are talking about Starfield, I am perfectly happy with this level of titles. You wouldn't get to play a game like this elsewhere. If you like space, it's must play.
  17. Not counting Acti Blizz. At some point you have to accept it's owned by MS. And they had good year like Phil promised.
  18. Nothing mediocre about Starfield, Hifi Rush, Forza Motorsport. Nonsense.
  19. Avatar justifies it's cost. The Last of Us 2 costing 200 million is like you are making Breaking Bad with Game of Thrones money. Taking Walter White to dunes on Mars instead of shooting local. Ultimately golf club hits just as hard if you spend 50 M or 200 M. It will just have an extra shine if you spent too much on it.
  20. Dunno, maybe it's accurate. But I like it more than games that scored higher. But I will put some counter points The story was bad.. Name a game with actual good story (I will judge it against good books/movies and it should hold up) the weirdness felt too forced, didn't like the protag either Personal preference. I think she had good writing with dark sense of humour. some difficulty spikes, Didn't find any. Maybe patched. some powers were useless Not sure about this one. Didn't put everything to use.
  21. They don't interfere with the way they work. They didn't reduce scope of Bethesda games. Not going to do same with Blizzard. Thing is, their acquisitions are lot of them make AA stuff.
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