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    This game has potential to be highly "entertaining".
  2. They released 2 games but they don't count.
  3. Anyone wanna to coop Monster Hunter Rise, ping me. Will be starting in a couple of days. Also it's not a strictly story based campaign, you get some freedom regarding which hunt you want to go on. So no need to finish it with same friends. Will be playing it on and off with a group of friends.
  4. Damn those are some essays. But isn't it the other way round. Story is always subjective. Gameplay faults remain same for everyone. But still, some people overlook gameplay flaws by playing at extreme difficulty, either story mode or give me God of War.
  5. Isn't this an unproven studio? Digital edition means you can't sell it either.
  6. Wut? All big tech companies are doing lay offs. It sucks but is what's happening at the moment. Bethesda has pretty good output so far.
  7. Really don't want any other studio to take over or make a new game. It has to be 343 and Infinite. It has too good a gunplay to make any changes. Just stick with it and make it work anyhow.
  8. Vaibhavp

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

    Looks good. This is with full ray tracing i think. Hopefully it will be more accessible than original Stalker. That game was bizarre.
  9. This is how live service games work. Interestingly there is no news about The Last of Us Factions. Wonder why that is.
  10. 343 has too many employees. They are being reshuffled. Infinite is gonna be in a great shape soon. I will re download it then.
  11. Nobody rejoiced. It doesn't changes anything for xbox owners. Only some people got upset.
  12. This is more about how studios are managed. They keep main team working on dlc while a small team work on pre development for next title. Other option is to fire main team so there will be no dlc. Some companies do this.
  13. Sources... Not specified. Usually this is how these features are implemented in games like this.
  14. Assassin's Creed games have a in game shop as well. Doesn't affect single player. In Odeyssey, never had to grind. Missions gave ample rewards. It all depends on how it's implemented.
  15. Coop gameplay looks pretty good for this though. I am definitely in minority, but if they have battlepass, seems to me developers are confident their mechanics are fun. Especially since this is Rocksteady and they have made Arkham Knight, so have confidence in them. Not getting Avengers vibes here, whenever they show gameplay it looks fun.
  16. Don't read this ... Anyone. Article is far worse than headline.
  17. Yeah, too long an article to read and understand that. Intentional stealth marketing for the show it seems.
  18. Good game. But headline is huge hyperbole.
  19. No point in bringing COD to PlayStation now. Deal should go smoothly. It's a small nobody company.
  20. Yes gold to ultimate conversion works. Account sharing is possible. Not doing it so maybe someone doing it can share the details.
  21. Thats a movie. It almost killed Square Enix, it bombed so hard. Just pretend it doesn't exist.
  22. Crisis Core FF7. It also was remade recently. FF7 PS1 original is also too good.
  23. What a fanboy and misleading post from Red Dragon. This is what she actually said. "Even Tunic, which has done crazy numbers worldwide. We don't do numbers that compete." Competing with AAA games is what she is saying. Basically thankful to true gamers like Lord Phil who select games based on what he likes instead of choosing stuff that sells most. But she is afraid his successor might be business minded and may not give enough importance to Indies. Fantastic article if you read it, just ignore red dragon.
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