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  1. VanillaDuo

    Battlefield 4

    Thanks all. Will get BF4.
  2. VanillaDuo

    Battlefield 4

    Bf4 in psn at 400 INR. Worth
  3. VanillaDuo


    Can I play the demo now. It is available on Indian psn
  4. VanillaDuo

    Battlefield 4

    Is it worth getting BF4 or hardline now on ps4. Which one should I get if it's worthy. Also is mp active on any of them on ps4. Or shall I pass now and get BF1 or TF2 later. I have not played any bf game till now. Please suggest
  5. Lost again. @MODs, Btw where are the results announced officially. Congrtas to all winners! Enjoy
  6. It is working after ip was changed by ISP. thanks everyone.
  7. No update as of now. Will let you know once I have any update. I am already frustrated due to this error. Daily waste 1 hour trying to resolve this.
  8. I informed ISP. Lets see. Will keep you guys informed. Thanks!
  9. Please suggest. I tried setting manual DNS. Also rebuilt PS4 database.
  10. Hello All, Getting PSN sign in error WS-37397-9 while connecting on PS4. Connecting directly through LAN (PPPoE). Please suggest. Thanks!
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