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  1. Zoomcar has 100kmph speed limit. There are fines if you cross the limit 1/2/3 times. The fine increases with instances. It's a good rule but sometimes gets in the way when road is too good. Have used it once and will again. Zoomcar is a good option if u need bigger car for specific reason. I had taken xuv500 w6 and it was in good condition. But Panchgani is short distance from Mumbai. Goa Jao zoomcar leke. Roads are superb.
  2. Yah remaps ftw Your vento is Tsi?
  3. For iOS (iPhone 6), is google chromecast 2 a good media streamer? I heard chromecast is more android biased, but is that true? Chromecast is 2500/- and Apple TV 10k Isliye jaanna jaroori hai
  4. Oh! Took a ride in friends GT TSI recently. That machine clips like crazy. He was mentioning vw may upgrade GT TSI to take on abarth. I guess abarth has 1.4?
  5. Is VW updating the gt tsi to 1.4lit?
  6. They should have stuck to RSV4
  7. Had cleaned them quite a while ago. But photo ritual took time. Also opening the box means giving it to kids to play. For a day. Dil pe patthar rakh ke! V.A.M.P. (Multi Purpose Attack Vehicle) and S.N.A.K.E. (System Neutralizer Armed Kloaking Equipment)
  8. Dredd

    Battlefield 1

    Dost Dubai se laaya. Dabba phek diya. Ab nahi hoga wapas. Jo saamne game aayega, ab wo khelna padega Piper bhai, Kaisa hai? You will play bf1 on PC na?
  9. Dredd

    Battlefield 1

    Le liya ps4 finally. BF1 ke liye.
  10. 60-80k for bare minimum accommodation (110k for decent) on outskirts. 100k for decent food. 20-30k for travel. 400k is correct to survive decently.
  11. Dredd

    Ps4 from dubai

    Those were the wonder years for me, krizal. Bc2 Vietnam. Woohoo. Unforgettable. BF1 is pulling me towards ps4. Haha. Btw, How are you? Tujhe call lagata hu. Tera no change Ho gaya hoga. Kazekage- yes. Same method u stated. Use CC and get it shipped to friends place. Go for seller dod_uae. Fulfilled by souq. Wait for the right time to buy.... Check the price trends for some time.
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