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  1. I love olé, He will single handedly keep us at 4th. Southampton at 9th tho, above arsenal ’It is better to lose one match 9-0 than to lose 9 matches 1-0’ -gandhi
  2. Nemo

    Death Stranding

    Kojima: Death Stranding Had Stronger Criticism in the US, Possibly Because It Flies Above Shooters https://wccftech.com/kojima-death-stranding-had-stronger-criticism-in-the-us-possibly-because-it-flies-above-shooters/ Based Koji san. 🙏🏻 I couldn’t get Hollywood to commission me a movie so here’s a video “game” with all the mental masturbation of a French art house, but without Léa Seydoux showing titties.
  3. Lashley is smooth af and i m not talking about his game (he has none), but he’s literally smooth all over .. man has no hair nor shade wtf
  4. That’s actually one of the more intelligent gimmicks they’ve done. It’s a play on Ric Flair’s “to be the man, you got to beat the man”, which Becky started using 13 months ago during her feud with Charlotte Flair. This was the start of Becky’s mega push, and as she was organically loved by the crowd, the nickname doesn’t seem contrived; unlike her boyfriend’s various construction based hype names.
  5. A question to Joker lovers (man that sounds wrong)- Why is this Joker threatening ? Like what makes him someone I'd fear running into a dark alley ? Ledger's joker was a criminal mastermind (well, relatively) and proficient with weapons. Nicholson was a straight up mob boss who liked to wear makeup. Phoneix is an emaciated retard with a laugh. How am i to believe he's gonna stand along ra's, or penguin; let alone batman. At no point do we see him being having resources or charm. Yeah he is "crazy", but after the first element of surprise someone will overpower and tie him up; then what ? I was half hoping him wearing the full suit/face paint would mean a split personality that shows the shades of B:TAS joker, but nope. It still played out as an emo teen fantasy.
  6. Absolutely nothing from acoustic and melodic perspective, but you gotta realise the lyrics are whiny af. Which is great for its demography, not hating on that. But one Has to grow out of it.
  7. Saw Joker. It’s a movie 15 year old me would have enjoyed; a decade and half later tho, Boring af. Cinematography is great and Qwa-Queen Phoenix acted well, but it’s hard to feign excitement when the act is basically Linkin Park with volume turned down. Abused childhood is the most cliched reasoning you could have, and then they threw in some Marxian commentary make it ‘seem’ layered. At best this movie can be watched at home interspersed with breaks to not drown yourself with boredom; not a theatre movie by any means. A solid 4.5/10 (5 if it leads to an entertaining mass shooting in ‘Merica)
  8. because that’s how I get hyped for comic book movie, classical music and introspective duality .. what a garbage trailer. I dunno why dc/wb is going for philosophical grandstanding in their movies. You have Joker pandering to introvert teenagers and Harley Quinn has the- just outta relationship lesbian convert- trope. I bet she’ll have a 30sec sex scene followed by a 5 min monologue about emancipation through self love; I’ve watched enough french art house. Wheres the fun dc? Why can’t you simply have bad mf’rs and hot bitches f**k sh*t up without giving it a Bhansali treatment.
  9. Watched Dream Girl strictly average, pre intermission was good. 2nd half is nonsense (and that is after I suspended my disbelief about aayushman living in mathura and commuting to faridabad for work daily) and very rushed. They played the stereotypes well, and fans of casual racism will love it, so that’s a plus. Aayushman has his niche set as the middle class guy hiding some embarrassing sh*t, while Nusrat looked cute af, heavy Jeniffer love Hewitt vibes. 6/10
  10. Wtf Lana getting Blacked !? feeling sad for RuRu :( Kay fabe aside, Heyman's real passion to direct cuck porn?
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