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  1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 512GB HP Spectre x360 2in1 16"
  2. Might be the setting you were on, it is pretty decent and natural but I am transitioning from xm4s so can't compare to Bose.
  3. PS5 covers Sony WH - 1000xm5 Seagate 2tb SSD
  4. Close to 18k for both, yes for the ps5. Working great so far.
  5. Much sleeker, better fit for the jeans pocket. Reduced battery life due to 120hz on the front screen as well now and also they have Reduced it to 4400 but still lasts well over a day for me. S Pen functionality is well executed. With 3.1.1 One UI update, also on Fold 2, a lot of apps are now easier to use on the larger screen.
  6. Lol, 15k watching the empty screen on the playstation YouTube channel. Still best part of 2.5 hours to go.
  7. Phantom Green, much sleeker than the last one.
  8. No jabs taken, but over 50 in UP village get vaccine certificates https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/agra/no-jabs-taken-but-over-50-in-up-village-get-vax-certificates/articleshow/85246619.cms Download the TOI app now: https://timesofindia.onelink.me/mjFd/toisupershare Lol, UP model.
  9. Safe to get the SSD (WD SN850) now for the PS5, or should we wait. When is the update expected?
  10. Got an Apple TV update on PS5, opened the app and it said 6 months added to your account. Simples. Already had an active subscription.
  11. https://twitter.com/EnglishHams/status/1418201814260801538?s=19
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