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  1. They've already said its inspired from God of War. So that's how its going to be.
  2. 1080p with 120hz? Priced close to the steamdeck? I'm sold.
  3. True.. Game definitely needs more enemy types and a better dynamic combat system.
  4. I loved the game honestly! Didn't understand the hate it got. I hope this gets a sequel and adds more enemy types and combat mechanics.
  5. They say that but you get it sooner. Definitely before your birthday.
  6. I already got a 3080 from this year.. Had registered for other cards too.. Got a mail for 3090, 3080ti and 3070ti in the last week. Ignored it since noone I asked wanted one.
  7. Broooo Literally got a mail from RPTech for a 3070ti. Could've helped you get it from there.
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