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  1. Atomic Heart is something I am looking forward to. I think it will be excellent, could be my early goty. Shadow Warrior 3 is amazing too. Best part of the game is first-person traversal. You will love it if you enjoy that.
  2. It has been better since HHH took over the main roster. He brought back over 20 wrestlers I think
  3. flipkart always runs some offer. Moreover one can use fkrt Axis CC to save 5%. If you give some discount, only then people might be interested
  4. I have the same doubt after noticing similar stuff for Asics, Nike etc.
  5. Correct. I got fake GTG and then cancelled all other game orders. I don't feel like going through so much hassle.
  6. DualSense Controller Ice Blue - (PlayStation 5) 16% Off 5390 Price error https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B09SM6ML4K DualSense Controller Pink - (PlayStation 5) 16% Off 5390 Price error https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B09SM63G1L
  7. DualSense Controller Purple - (PlayStation 5 ) 16% Off 5390 Price error Deal is back
  8. Seagate 5 TB White went for 5K in flipkart few days ago. I didn't try because I didn't need it. It lasted for only few minutes
  9. Xbox Stereo Headset 4588.2/5098 SBI CC 10% Off https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B09D74XMLP/
  10. You cannot combine them afaik. I used them in Amazon US. It's a like a regular CC/DC. Can you combine two to make a single purchase? Nope, same way you cannot do it with a virtual one either. Gift card purchase should be possible. Try different variants, e-gift cards/email gift cards/send gift cards in various method, something's gotta work. Add money to amazon pay will not work because it auto detects as foreign cc even though it might be not because afaik VISA gift cards are still not officially available here, I might be wrong though.
  11. Yes of course it's there for AP ICICI CC. Banner comes and goes, it's irrelevant
  12. [FREE] Cave Story's Secret Santa https://www.gog.com/game/cave_storys_secret_santa https://store.steampowered.com/app/1812280/Cave_Storys_Secret_Santa/ https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/cave-storys-secret-santa-b6d437
  13. I will disappear again Grab before it goes oos. Won't go lower before it goes oos
  14. Xbox Wireless Controller – 20th Anniversary Special Edition 10% Off 5721 https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B09HTV3Q3T/
  15. Youtube compression is terrible, that's why there is a huge difference. twitch compression is far better. That's why I don't judge how a game looks based on yt videos only. I try it myself
  16. Completed FH4 main story and the expansion pass. Just didn't for the true ending in the Lego DLC as it had too much grinding. FH5 can have a F&F DLC next year, as it seems to be a perfect setting.
  17. Mediocre? This is one of the best looking best games of the year along with Biomutant and Kena. Sure FC6 has some texture issue in some parts, otherwise it is beautiful. I loved the game, much more lighter tone compared to the previous one. Gameplay is more like Borderlands meets Just Cause 3. I love Spanish music, so yeah that's another plus for me.
  18. Yes it's cheaper on gamersgate unless one got Steam Wallet amount. https://www.gamersgate.com/product/deathloop/
  19. He has to sign in using his gt when the pop up prompts. Xbox app needs your id to be logged in but he cannot play games with that id on pc if you are logged in on your One X.
  20. On PC, it will be around that price on EGS this December last week. For console, it should be 2-2.5k next month. You can always get a cheap deal of AMD Rewards for pc if you don't want to wait
  21. Yes Diwali sale is in three weeks. Price might not hit as low as it did during BBD
  22. Then it should be good. Remember not to open the box yourself. Let the official guy/installer unbox it in front of you. Plenty of first/third party with direct affiliation to Amazon and flipkart got added in the last 1.5 years Stay away from Mi tv if you love your money and time. They will run max 2-3 years and then die
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