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  1. Name: Sanwal Psn: Sanwalcr9 Team: Olympique de Marseille
  2. Congratss brother!! Congrats to Akshay as well! Second game was 8-5 to you haha Also thank you so much Bharat bhai for hosting!!
  3. I'm following you <3 Btw vvwp Nikhil, i thought you were a new Nikhil haha, too good, good luck in the champions league <3
  4. Im in but i will start latest by the 15th if that's fine, as i'm not in my city, will probably come there by the 15th. Name: Sanwal Memon Psn:SanwalCR9 Team: Manchester United
  5. Great format! Name: Sanwal Memon Psn id: SanwalCr9 Team: Manchester United
  6. Played Sudhir, Sanwal 3 -4 Sudhir Sudhir 11 - 0 Sanwal vwp!
  7. Played Az bhai before i went up north, think about 10 days ago, Scores were both to Azaan bhai, Az 3-1 San Az 3-1 San Ty for that brother, had a flight to catch next day and he was so accommodating and told me not to miss out on that. Thought i wouldn't come back before the first, but because of the snow blockages, here now. Thanks again @Stevie G Only @Sudhirnow
  8. Played sar 6-5 and 4-2 Played Armaan lost 5-1 and won 3-2 <3
  9. Confirmed, too good <3 Gl for your games too!
  10. Nevermind, oc will decide on it.
  11. A. Name: Sanwal Memon B. PSN ID: SanwalCr9 C. Team: Manchester United To those who don't know this is the most important tourney for many of us..
  12. To my knowledge, i think you do but i think it's only on the Ultimate version.. Just checked, it is
  13. I think you confused Sarwaans name with me He should be at the bottom.... Thanks for all the effort Bharat bhai <3 Bring it on in fifa 22
  14. Confirmed, vwp Rishabh! Gl everyone for your games!
  15. I lose almost every game by 10 goals, i'm the perfect one
  16. Name: Sanwal Memon Psn id: SanwalCr9 Team: Manchester United
  17. I'm very happy Didn't even know the game was recored haha, just saw ash's stream
  18. Thank you so much Bharat bhai for yet an amazing tourney! Had loads of fun, we did get our revenge in the pro clubs toh we're barabar Everyone was so professional and amazing, was a pleasure playing with all of you, the community is growing, onto the next!
  19. Giving you??? Hahaha you were just too good, good luck for your games bhai
  20. Name: Sanwal Memon Psd: sanwalcr9 Team: England Excited!
  21. Thank you so much for all the hard work and amazing tourney Bharat bhai! Had a great time and gl to all the semi finalist! Also a shoutout to @Keano, thanks alot for sorting out my account access!
  22. Almost 10 years years ago, damn Plus you've been putting all the hard work since over a decade <3
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