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  1. That's weird , mine is still giving me the option to top up ( 1 month and 3 months ) even after I've done the 1 year thing. Could be because I'm on an individual plan.
  2. Go to Purchases and Memberships , I had already subscribed to Premium , so there.s a tab called " Premium " , click on it and you should see an option to top up.
  3. Guys , Quick opinion poll , Hades @ Rs.1399/- vs Last of us 2 @ 1499/-. Which ones the better deal ? This is on the PSN store. Better in the sense , which is more likely to come back on sale at the same price sooner ?
  4. It worked for me on the mobile app.It comes up as an option under the top up section.
  5. Besides Brightness ,Sharpness and color , i dont fiddle around with any of the motion related settings. I think Filmmaker Mode is the best option. If you.re still getting the blurred effect, i would suggest resetting all your picture settings and trying It again. Coz I've watched a lot of sports , including Tennis , Football , havent noticed any motion blurring which is usually quite noticeable in Tennis especially.
  6. Which TV is this? I was watching the same Match on Hotstar on my Samsung Frame 2021, it was fine. I think i was watching on Filmmaker Mode , not sure though, will have to double check.
  7. Hi guys , I'm looking to sell my Apple Airpods. They are sealed , and have about 11 months warranty remaining on them. Bill is directly from Apple India. This is for local pickups only. I'm situated in Pune. Interested buyers can send me a PM. Thanks. Edit : Sold outside IVG.
  8. Yeah but the guidelines have been updated , sealed items can be posted in the "Deals" section. Either way , if the mods feel like this is a grey area , i can delete the post.
  9. Sealed items arent allowed to be posted in the Trading section, so have to post it here.
  10. Hi , looking to sell my Sealed Apple Airpods, with a Bill directly from Apple India and Warranty applicable till 12th September 2022. LOCAL PICKUPS ONLY -- Buyer can open the seal and inspect the item before we complete the deal. Location : Pune , Maharashtra ( Send me a PM for price and my address if interested )
  11. Tbh , even when i first saw the video it looked suspicious, but i cant tell for sure either way. I got my PS5 on Amazon , firstly they sent me a digital edition instead of the disc version, secondly they didnt even send it in a cardboard box , it just came like how you would buy it in a store. I still recorded the opening though , but when i got the box the bottom was also unsealed and then sealed again in a very haphazard manner. So even if i had got scammed , I'm not sure if that video would have been enough proof. And also ,on watching the video , i realised that i kept the phone down for a second and the screen went dark , and i was praying that there was an actual PS5 inside, loll.
  12. Sad , i think i.ll just wait till Diwali or then postpone my purchase till next year or something and get the C1 55 from the LG store directly.
  13. If its an open box version , cant we just reject delivery saying its a used item ? Or do they send it as a sealed box ? And then in such cases where its resealed , we can check the usage hrs of the TV right ? Or am i missing something ?
  14. 65 inch Bx And C9 Oleds on sale on Amazon for 1.5 L , plus 7.5k additional discount for HDFC cards , quite a good deal i would say.
  15. 65 inch BX and C9 Lg Oleds for sale at 1.5L on Amazon , additional discount of 7.5k with HDFC cards. Seems like quite a good deal.
  16. Yeah i think i.ll wait a bit. Also , there.s a CX 55 on sale on FK for 1.35 L , plus i have an SBI card for whixh SBI says there.s a 10% cashback on all E commerce sites, which is valid till the end of the day. So that ll workout to about 1.23 L , wondering if thats a better deal than the newer C1. Edit: Max cashback is 10k , so 1.25L vs 1.38L.
  17. And this 1.37 is inclusive of card discounts. The one good part of buying straight from LG is the 1 year screen burn in plus accidental damage warranty. Probably worth the extra 5,6 k right ?
  18. Inquired about the C1 55 today, got an offer of Rs.137000/- including a 1 yr burn in and accidental damage warranty and 3 year standard warranty. Additional warranty of 2 years is an extra Rs.13000/-. This was from the main LG store , hence the 1 year screen burn in warranty.
  19. They're also giving a 20% discount on Applecare+ , andd airpods also free. Feel like i should apply to a college just to get this deal.
  20. I tried it , but there are only a certain number of colleges on their list so my relative.s email id wasnt working. Does the college have to be on their official list ?
  21. Guys i need some help. Need to buy a macbook air and there.s a sale on the apple website for Students/teachers with a Unidays subscription. Can anyone in Pune help me out with this ? *Not sure if this is the right thread to post this on.
  22. Its more about having patience and learning the patterns of enemy attacks. If you try to button mash your way out of a situation , its not going to work. Especially for bosses , first just try and figure out their attacks during the intitial part of the fight , then start attacking. Dont be in a hurry to finish the fight. I started Dark Souls 3 two years ago and quit coz i was like , " this is bs , such a stupid game " , but then i watched some video of a guy beating the game taking no hits and i was inspired to try it again and it paid off. Finished the game 3 times. After you finish your first playthrough , search for this youtuber called "Vaatividya " and watch all his material on Dark souls 3. It made me want to play the game again n again.
  23. Ya i dont mind waiting , but my question is , is the difference between the CX / C1 and the BX worth the extra 25k or so ? Assuming the C1 is priced at 1.2L during the sale. Most reviewers dont think so.
  24. Just googled " when is Diwali " lolll. Its on the 4th of November. I guess its worth waiting for.
  25. Ya i agree with you, but the CX is at 1.35L. I dont think the difference between them is worth approx 40k. Offline stores dont seem to have it in stock right now. I rechecked the warranty part , in the description it says 3 years comprehensive warranty. I think thats standard.
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