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14 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:


It got worse with each iteration. Parabellum was big meh. 

Action movies aren't my favorite but I have enjoyed others.

And this was really boring.


It has no depth in story, no build up, no emotions, action sequences also feel a chore :

its just like the rock music gets irritably loud and he goes on senseless killing and it goes on and on without much competition or drama.



Mainly i don't like the presentation style (this should be the main reason) although kill Bill felt something similar in terms of presentation I think and had a lot more to offer.


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On 12/11/2019 at 10:24 PM, adity said:

Thanks. Can you suggest more like this? I've been really hooked to synthwave these days and it has a similar vibe. Loved it. 


A couple of Synthwave songs from my playlist:

NeoTokyo [Dance with the Dead Remix] by Scandroid

Sunset by The Midnight

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3 hours ago, achilles said:

So what's the word on 6 Underground? Is it a good Michael Bay thing like Bad Boys, The Rock, and Transformers, or a crappy Michael Bay thing like the sequel(s) Transformers and Pain & Gain?  

Reviews say it sucks. 

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