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india @ wii shop

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Im also pretty sure you should be able to buy wii points using a credit card on the console.


Edit: Found instructions here


Using a Credit Card



Access the Wii Shop. Click on the "Wii Shop Channel" on the main menu of your Nintendo Wii. Click on "Start." Now click on "Start Shopping." This will take you to the Wii Shop menu.



Click on the "Add Wii Points" tab located in the middle of your screen. You will see two options: "Redeem a Wii Points Card," and "Buy Wii Points With a Credit Card." Click on "Buy Wii Points with a Credit Card."



Select the amount of Wii Points that you want to purchase. You can choose 1000, 2000, 3000 or 5000 Wii Points. The prices vary for each. Click on the amount that you are ready to purchase.



Choose either "Master Card" or "Visa." These are the only two credit card types that are currently accepted. Click on whichever one you will be using to pay for your Wii Points.



Enter your credit card information. Using the Wii-mote, enter your credit card number, expiration date and security code. Once all of your information has been entered, click "Okay." As long as the credit card is valid, the Wii Points will be immediately added to your account. Now you are free to shop for your favorite vintage video games.

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thanks for the guide. I will give it a try tomorrow .



I need to add that certain wii consoles have major GPU heating problems and playing long hours may causer artifacting. ihave learnt the hard way. I also have athread posted for help, hoever not much inputs on that.


I bought a wii from mumbai.


If the problem crops up, Nintendo just replaces your console without any questions. even if uhave moded it just remove and send.


But this is only where warranty exists.


In india as someone said no official release and hence no warranty.

So if u indeed wanna buy get it from USA do the mod here (if you wanna) and get the adapter here

In india you can get USA wii with 220v power adapter (Ninja traders, Mumbai)

Just check you have had the latest console (go online and find wii serail numbers of latest manufacture)


Hope this helps

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