90% of PSN users have returned, says Sony CEO

Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, has told shareholders that 90% of PSN users have returned to the service after the devastating security breach in April. Sony’s shareholder meeting was held in Tokyo today, and was attended by a record 8,360 shareholders. The PSN breach was one of the main topics that was discussed.

During a Q&A session at the meeting, Stringer also assured shareholders that they are taking all necessary measures to secure their network, adding that, “trust towards the Sony brand is rising”. The reason for the attack, according to Stringer, was due to Sony aggressively trying to protect its intellectual property.

Kaz Hirai, executive vice president of Sony, said that the extensive downtime was essential to protect their third party publishers, developers and retailers. Meanwhile, during E3, Playstation Home witnessed record traffic of up to half-a-million users, which suggests that many people have put this incident behind them.

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