A recap of the last 48 hours

icon_news1Some of you have been following all that’s been happening here over the last 48 hours, while some of you may have been away and may therefore be surprised by a lot of what you’re seeing here, most of all the change of name. Hopefully I’ll answer all those queries here.

Over the last few weeks, the administrators of the site have been discussing how to grow IVG, and during those discussions we had a disagreement. That disagreement unexpectedly turned into a rift, taking all of us by surprise, and as a result, the site’s domain was redirected to the old Proboards forums. You can read more about that development here or here.

We tried to settle the matter without requiring any drastic measures, but we were unable to reach a compromise. So it has come to a point where we’re going to have to take this website forward under a new name, and without Vinit, who founded this site and whom we still hold in highest regard. For more details on that, please read this.

So as it stands now, this is the same website you’ve been coming to all this time, but we will now be running it under a new name. We’ve all been discussing what we would like to call it (GamingSauce is temporary), and so far the only name most of us agree on is You can give us your suggestions here.

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