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AMD Radeon RX Vega reviews start appearing online

The much anticipated Radeon RX Vega graphic cards have finally been revealed. Coming in two flavours, these will finally take on the high-end GPU’s in Nvidia’s lineup.

The two cards that have been reviewed by most online publications have been the air-cooled variants of the RX Vega 56 and RX Vega 64.

AMD Radeon RX Vega spec sheet
The complete AMD Radeon Technology Group (RTG) line up

Based on the brand new VEGA architecture, these cards will take on the GTX 1070 (RX Vega 56) and the GTX 1080 (RX Vega 64) cards. With VEGA, AMD is trying to further iterate on their Graphic Core Next (GCN) technology and bring it up to date. The new bullet point features being introduced with this new architecture are,

  • Higher clocks
  • Double rate FP16 math (Rapid Packed Math)
  • HBM2
  • New memory page management for the high-bandwidth cache controller
  • Improved geometry engine
  • Primitive shading for even faster triangle culling
  • Direct3D feature level 12_1 graphics features
  • Improved display controllers

For a more technical deep dive into the VEGA architecture, you would like to refer to the following video,

Following are the reviews which are currently available for the RX Vega range of GPU’s,

In most reviews that have been put up the RX Vega 56 makes a compelling case against its direct competition, Nvidia’s GTX 1070 while the RX Vega 64 technically performs around the same mark as a GTX 1080. The only problem is that both solutions are quite a bit more power hungry than their Nvidia counterparts which although can be justified in the case of the RX Vega 56, the problems are a bit more obvious vis-à-vis the RX Vega 64 and the GTX 1080 in which case the former is just about capable of keeping up with the latter albeit at a ~150W plus power deficit.

Currently, if you are interested in picking up any of these cards, pre-orders are up for the RX Vega 64 on leading Indian sites like primeabgb, while the RX Vega 56 will be available in a few weeks time.

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