Bungie’s Destiny to be a “Shared World Shooter”, will require an internet connection at all times

After creating a legacy with Halo, Bungie’s parted ways with Microsoft, but they’re still sticking to the sci-fi, first person shooter genre for Destiny, their latest game that’s being published by Activision.

Destiny will not have a monthly subscription fee, but it will require an always online internet connection.

Unveiled to the North American gaming press this week, Destiny is a first person MMO (massively multiplayer online) of sorts, but Bungie aren’t too keen on associating Destiny with the term MMO. They prefer the term “Shared World Shooter”. How different will Destiny be from a conventional MMO? We’re not sure yet, but unlike most MMO’s, Destiny will not have a monthly subscription fee. On the downside, it will require an always online internet connection (even for single player)  just like Diablo 3.


The world in Desinty is a persistent one which means things happen even when you’re not in the game. Once you do enter the game world, you’ll be able to choose from one of three classes – Titan (assault class with big weapons), Warlock (magic) and Hunter (sniper/stealth). You can then explore the world on your own, team up with a friend/friends and/or indulge in some versus action. Once again details are scarce on how all this will come together, but numerous previews seem to suggest a Journey-esque drop-in, drop-out style of co-op, interplanetary travel and a boatload of character customization.


Bungie were a bit vague on platforms, but pre-orders for the Xbox 360 and PS3 have cropped up on their official site, so you know those versions are confirmed. When quizzed about a PC version, Bungie said they would absolutely love to do one, but no further details were offered. In my opinion, not having a game of this scope and magnitude on the PC would be a travesty.  Either way, we’ll just have to wait and watch as Bungie reveal more of Destiny in the months to come.

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