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Destiny 2 is getting a Free Trial from today

In a surprise move, Bungie has announced a Free Trial for its shooter-looter, Destiny 2. This is an anomaly since the original Destiny never got a Free Trial

The trial will give prospective guardians access to Campaign Missions in the EDZ and Titan with exploration but they will be hard-capped at Level 7. Players can also enter the Crucible Quickplay Playlist and can get into Clans. If you decide to purchase the full game, all your progression will carry over. As of this article’s writing, the trial has not unlocked for us but you can get 35% off the game’s price tag.

This is amid reports of a progression system that throttles the amount of experience doled out to the player depending on their play-style. Uncovered by a Reddit member, the crux of the issue is that persistent grinding gives you a fraction of the XP displayed on-screen whilst punctuated routine playtimes will give you the full amount. Upon the thread getting coverage on gaming outlets, Bungie stated that the system is not working as intended and they would be turning it off and going back to the drawing board.

Now apart from announcing this free trial, Bungie also announced a ‘fix’ for the aforementioned issue by doubling the amount of XP required to grind to a new level. Stating that the game needs to be updated to reflect the XP earned by players in-game but the new value is the ‘correct’ value for level ups.

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