E-Play: Great games at less than Rs 300

icon_news1E-Xpress Interactive’s E-Play line-up of games has been around a while, but not too many people seem to know about it. Over 100 PC titles make up the E-Play catalogue, with each game priced at either Rs 199 or Rs 299. There are some real classics in this line-up; games that are worth a lot more than the price tags they carry.

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Included in the ever expanding E-Play games line-up are favourites such as Mafia, Serious Sam, the Thief games, both Deus Ex titles, and Total Overdose amongst others. And as if these prices aren’t low enough already, we’re working with E-Xpress to bring these and many other titles from E-Xpress’ huge games catalogue to IVG members at incredibly low prices.

Until then, click here to head over to our forums to check out the complete list of E-Play titles.

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