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Final Fantasy XIII-2 details revealed, multiple endings confirmed

Plenty of details were revealed about Final Fantasy XIII-2 at this year’s E3, and Square Enix looks really determined to fix the flaws that plagued its predecessor. During an interview with Rpgsite, Yoshinori Kitase, manager 1st production department and game director, Motomu Toriyama, generously gave a lot of interesting information about the game, and spoke about how they were inspired by Rockstar San Diego’s masterpiece, Red Dead Redemption.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be the first Final Fantasy game to feature multiple endings, and contains a lot of side quests to keep players busy for a long time. After all the criticisms regarding no towns in Final Fantasy XIII, the duo mentioned that it is being rectified for XIII-2, and the game will be less linear this time around.

Kitase said, “I think that XIII was criticized by other people we think because it was meant to be story-driven. But it was so much so, that people thought it was quite linear, which people didn’t like.”

“So before we started making XIII-2, we decided that we were determined to take all the negative comments seriously, and rectify every single one of them fairly and properly.”

Toriyama had a lot to say as well, “Among the millions of games that came out last year, Red Dead Redemption was adored by a lot of Japanese developers, including ourselves. We did take some inspirations, however. For example, missions can happen anywhere rather than having to go to a certain shrine, or base or something, and that’s from them.”

It was also revealed that the Xbox 360 version will come in multiple discs, and there will be less cinematics compared to Final Fantasy XIII. So, it looks like the game is really content heavy this time around. Square Enix is also aiming for platform parity, which should be great news for gamers who want enjoy the game on the Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will launch early next year, at an expected price of Rs 2,499 in India, just like Final Fantasy XIII. Please check out the E3 2011 trailer below.


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