Free to play PS3 MMO, Dust 514 out now on PSN

Developer/Publisher CCP Games’ Free to play (F2P), first person MMO, Dust 514 is out now exclusively for the PlayStation 3 via PSN. Here’s a quick description from the press release:

Dust 514 is a new breed of first-person shooter, which in addition to tight gunplay features a path to unlimited dropsuit fittings and customization options, taking the player to new dimensions of character progression. The end result is a unique tactical advantage that will allow mercenaries to push DUST 514 beyond the bounds set by the game’s creators, and arm them with the ability to impact their war on a galactic scale.


Dust 514 is also tied into CCP Games’ other MMO, Eve Online as they both “offer a combined sandbox of unprecedented intergalactic scale, with the outcome of ground battles impacting the persistent universe of EVE and shifting the tide of war for legions of participants. Mercenaries can gain advantage by coordinating with starship pilots in EVE Online, calling in devastating orbital strikes against opposing squads.”

Like I said before, you can download the game free of cost, but there will be in-game micro-transactions along the way. Here are some of the bundles that are being offered alongside the side on PSN right now:

  • Mercenary Pack – An updated version of the popular open beta bundle that includes 40,000 Aurum to spend in-game, a 30-day skill booster (+50%), and exclusive gear. (Rs. 1,095)
  • Veteran Pack – Comes with dropsuits, boosters, 100,000 Aurum, a permanent Blood Raider Acolyte vehicle, a deadly sniper rifle, and more. (Rs. 2,739)
  • Elite Pack – The ultimate in mercenary preparedness, the Elite Pack offers 200,000 Aurum, boosters, four dropsuits, multiple weapons, a permanent light attack vehicle, and a collection of Heavy Assault Vehicles. (Rs. 5,479)
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