GameShastra to make India’s first PS3 game

icon_news1GameShastra, the Hyderabad-based studio behind Desi Adda, today announced that they’ve further expanded their relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and are set to release the first Indian game for the PlayStation 3, titled Eklavya. They’ve also announced that Desi Adda will soon be available for purchase in digital form over the PlayStation Network.

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The company also revealed that to meet the requirements of their ramp-up in high-end game development, they have expanded their game development facility to house a team over over 1,000 game designers, artists, animators, developers and QA specialists, making it one of the largest game studios in south Asia.

GameShastra has been at the forefront of console game development in India. Desi Adda was the first Indian game to release on the PSP, and only the second Indian game on PS2. They’ve also been one of biggest contributors to the PSPs minis line-up. Now they’re set to create another first, with Eklavya set to become the first PS3 game developed in India.

Update: Also tucked away in Jim Ryan’s quote in the press release was the announcement of Cart Kings, another PS2 and PSP game from GameShastra targeted at the Indian diaspora worldwide. A bullock cart racing game, perhaps?

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Press release:

Hyderabad, India, 23 February 2010: GameShastra ( and SONY Computer Entertainment Europe today announced to expand their relationship, which will boost GameShastra’s role as one of the major SONY’s PlayStation and digital download game development partner in India. The relationship encompasses innovation and delivery of exciting new digital download gaming products by GameShastra to SONY consumers worldwide which include Desi Adda for PlayStation2 , PSP and now ‘Eklavya’ for SONY PlayStation 3 platform.

To support the new projects, GameShastra also announced expansion of its full service game development team of designers, artists, animators, developers and QA specialists in its Game Development Center in Hyderabad. It has established a new state of the art game design studio in Hyderabad to accelerate this growth plan and cater to the growing demand of its services worldwide including SONY Computer Entertainment. This facility has the capacity to accommodate 1000+ associates – making it one of the largest Game Studios in South Asia.

Making the announcement Prakash Ahuja, CEO of GameShastra said: “For GameShastra, the expansion of relationship with market leader like SONY Computer Entertainment reaffirms our position in the digital download games services market. We enjoy a successful working relationship with SONY Computer Entertainment and our team in India is committed to innovate and continue to deliver outstanding digital gaming products not only to SONY consumers globally and but also to other leading players.”

Speaking on the occasion Jim Ryan, COO of SONY Computer Entertainment Europe added: “GameShastra has proven that it can match our pace and bring innovations to create an even greater excitement for PlayStation game enthusiasts with Desi Adda. SCEE is delighted to expand the scope of its successful relationship with GameShastra with the announcement of ‘Cart Kings’ for the Indian Diasporas globally. We are excited with new innovation GameShastra is creating in India who can provide us the competitive edge globally.”

GameShastra’s goal is nothing less than to fiercely innovate and become the preferred game development destination for global console players. Desi Adda developed by GameShastra became the first console game completely developed by Indian Development Studio for PSP. Next will be the proposed ‘Eklavya’ for PS3 platform, another first by an Indian company.

GameShastra operates a state-of-the-art Game Services production center in Hyderabad, India for game development, game testing and game art production for the PS2, PS3, PSP, PC, Mac, Web, Wii and Nintendo DS. It is possibly the only company in India which has taken the lead to design, develop and deliver games for all leading platforms.

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