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Gran Turismo 7 car models being created in India

Bangalore-based Izmo is churning out cars in half the time it took Polyphony

Car models within Polyphony Digital’s PS5 simulation Gran Turismo 7 will be outsourced to a studio in Bangalore, India, according to reports.

Gran Turismo 7

According to GT Planet, Bangalore-based studio Izmo Limited has been roped in to create care models for Gran Turismo games since 2018, having created cards for GT Sport. Work on the series is continuing, which essentially means Izmo is now working on GT7.

According to its website, Izmo provides several solutions for the automotive industry, including “offering the world’s largest library of automotive images and animation, virtual brochures, video brochures with voice over, and state-of-the-art CGI graphics.”

Past Gran Turismo games’ production cycles have been long in the past, partly due to the time taken by the Polyphony team to create 3D models for each its cars in-house. This has often led to gaps to several years between Gran Turismo releases. It has also been the reason that games like Gran Turismo 5 have had discrepancies between the quality of its card models. While many were made from scratch, others were ported and simply touched up from previous games.

Gran Turismo and Forza get an Indian touch

Several other racing games, including Forza Motorsport, have been outsourcing car modelling for several years now. Forza creator Turn 10 had also partnered with an Indian studio – Dhruva Interactive, which is now Rockstar Games India – to work on its games. Izmo, it appears, has also taken on that task for the Forza series.

According to the GT Planet report, car models are now being churned out within three months, where Polyphony would take six months. This could help shave off development time significantly. It will also allow Gran Turismo 7 to potentially launch with a larger collection of cars and enable Polyphony to add cars more frequently post-launch.

Gran Turismo 7 is headed exclusively to PS5. While no release date has been announced, it is speculated to be launching close to the launch of the console itself later this year.

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