Introducing Back Catalogue

As gamers, we’re all too fixated on the latest and greatest that hits the shelves, digital or otherwise. Having said that, we end up missing out on some classic games, which while may not be the ideal showcase for your supercomputer or launch console, have a lot more to offer than just eye candy and modern trappings such as auto-save, cut-scenes and achievements. It’s tragic really.

To fill this asteroid-sized hole, we’ve decided to launch Back Catalogue, a regular feature on the not-so latest, but absolutely greatest that gaming has to offer. These are the hidden gems that you probably missed out on while salivating over trailers for what’s hot and happening. There’s a whole lot more to love about gaming than the new and shiny. And no, these aren’t retro-reviews. Rather, we’ll be telling you what made these titles worth playing back then, what makes them worth firing up right now, and how they hold up in an era heavily influenced by shaders, HD, engines and what not.

Many of these games have slipped under the radar thanks to relative obscurity since we’re a largely young gaming population, with most of us having our roots with the Playstation 2. Also, a publisher void about a decade ago had resulted in these bits of digital distraction being labelled as abandonware. However, thanks to digital providers like, gamers once again have access to these gems.

Oh, and there’s a chance to win what is featured on Back Catalogue thanks to the fine folk at, who have generously offered us codes for each feature. Out first Back Catalogue article features Planescape: Torment – perhaps the finest story ever told in video games. So do take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments section and on the forums.

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