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Jobs in gaming: Ubisoft India hiring for Mumbai, Pune studios

200 jobs in art, design, programming and testing up for grabs

With the COVID pandemic being associated with job losses in most industries, here’s some good news for the gaming industry. Ubisoft India has up to 200 job openings at its Pune and Mumbai studios.

Ubisoft India's Mumbai studio

Ubisoft’s two studios in India already employ around 1,300 people, and both studios are looking to staff up further. The company has openings in production and quality control.

Photo tour: Inside Ubisoft Mumbai

Ubisoft’s India studios are currently leading development on the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake. Ubisoft Pune, which opened in 2008, has collaborated with other studios on some of Ubisoft’s popular franchises, including Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Honor, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, and Tom Clancy’s video game series including Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and The Division. We visited the studio a few years ago.

Ubisoft Mumbai, which opened in 2018, has worked on Ubisoft’s battle royale title Hyper Scape, as well as the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion.

Ubisoft India's Mumbai studio

Jobs at Ubisoft India

Ubisoft India is hiring across multiple job profiles for its Pune and Mumbai studios. Here are the various job descriptions and requirements.


  • Roles available: Concept and Lead Artists, Technical Artists, Cinematics
  • Preferred candidates generally include holders of graduate degrees from an art school
  • Specialised profiles in graphics and animation with mastery in 3ds Max, Motion Builder
  • Future graphic designers specialising in decor, lights, or special effects are particularly needed


  • Roles available: Cinematics Designer, Level Designers
  • No diploma or level of study requirements
  • Candidates with training in a school specialised in video games preferred
  • Requirements: Creativity, understanding of gaming culture


  • Roles available: Producers, game programmers, online GPP, Unity & Graphic Programmers
  • Requirements: Postgraduates from engineering schools or universities but also experienced people with technical skills
  • Candidates will undergo technical assessments with C ++ advanced and C Sharp in particular

Ubisoft India's Mumbai studio

R&D and automation in production and quality control

  • Roles available: Data Scientist, Product Development, R&D engineers in Quality control
  • Requirements: Game and Lead Engineers with soft and tech competencies in Engineering, Automation, and Management
  • Preferred candidates include bachelors and graduate engineers

How to apply at Ubisoft India

Over the coming months, Ubisoft India will be conducting webinars and online events such as recruitment drives, job fairs and game jams. Candidates will be recruited through online channels, recruitment site and social media channels.

The simplest way to apply is through Ubisoft’s careers page.

Schedule for the online recruitment drive:

  • 30th October 2020: Recruitment online focus on Production roles and R&D Engineers
  • 20th November 2020: Recruitment online focus on Programmers and R&D engineers
  • 4th December 2020: Recruitment online focus on Game Engineers
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