Microsoft increases Xbox 360 price in India

Microsoft is increasing the price of the Xbox 360 in India, the platform owner’s distributor Redington has informed retailers.

Prices are set to go up from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 across all three Xbox 360 SKUs. Here are the new prices, with old prices in brackets:

  • Xbox 360 4 GB standalone console – Rs 15,990 (Rs 14,990)
  • Xbox 360 250 GB standalone console – Rs 24,990 (Rs 21,990)
  • Xbox 360 4 GB Kinect console bundle – Rs 26,990 (Rs 24,990)

We’re guessing the dropping value of the Rupee is to blame for the increase, but we’ve contact Microsoft for official word on the matter.

Update: While Microsoft has not given an official reason for the price increase, the platform owner has announced new game bundles to compensate for the price increase.

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