More Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy and full install details emerge

Konami recently sparked renewed interest in Metal Gear Solid 4 following the announcement of a new patch that will not only add trophy support to the game, but will also allow a complete install onto the PS3’s hard drive.

New details have emerged in Konami’s latest podcast that tell us more about the intended nature of the patch. The patch will require the user to play the entire story again to earn trophies, and not by reloading an earlier save. This has been done to prevent the trophies from being exploited by simply downloading a game save.

Also included in the patch is the option to install the complete game on the PS3 hard drive, which will quicken the load times. Till now, only a chapter-wise install system was in place owing to the fact that earlier PS3’s had smaller capacity hard drives.

Konami is expected to announce a release date for the patch on 30th August, which is the 25th Anniversary event for the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

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