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New Contra game announced

Earlier today, when everyone thought Konami’s PC conference was coming to a conclusion, out of nowhere, a teaser started playing. It started with what would seem like a brightly lit object approaching from outer space, eventually turning out to be a loading screen. Once the loading screen fulfilled its purpose, a fireball shot all over the screen, finally writing a burning ‘C’ on the screen, with the message ‘THEY’RE COMING’ beneath it. This isn’t any ordinary ‘C’. It represents the first proper shooter I ever played. It represents Contra.


Yes, Konami have teased a new Contra game out of the blue. With that, Konami’s PC conference ended and no further details were given about the game. There are rumours going around that this iteration of Contra might be on it’s way to the 3DS like how Contra 4 made it’s appearance on the DS, but it remains to be seen. This means that for many of us, retro clothing would be back in fashion again. While we ponder over that, let’s keep an eye out for Lance and Bill to re-emerge  in the near future.



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