New Killzone 3 DLC map pack announced

Killzone 3 gets its third DLC map pack, named ‘From the Ashes’. The map pack contains four new maps, and Guerrilla Games have only revealed two of them; they will be showing off the other two maps on monday (June 20th).

We suspect the other two are Radec Academy and Tharsis Depot from Killzone 2. Excited? You should be, since downloading the latest update for Killzone 3 adds new trophies for these maps. In case you didn’t know, Radec Academy and Tharsis Depot were the most played maps in Killzone 2, and if anything can revive Killzone 3’s multiplayer, this is it.

The two new maps that were revealed today are, Lente Missile Base for Warzone, which is set in the lush Kaznan Jungle and Mobile Factory, a Geurrilla Warfare map, set aboard a large vehicle. The map pack will be available next week (June 22nd) priced at Rs 250 on the Indian PSN Store. The previous map pack was available free for PS+ members, and it’s not clear whether it will be free this time around as well. Guerrilla Games’ is also planning to release a DLC bundle pack, which contains all the map packs released till now, and it will be priced at Rs 750.

Meanwhile, checkout the video below that describes the Lente Missile Base map in more detail.

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