New PS4 details emerge at GDC

GDC this week saw Sony give yet another presentation on the PS4, and while it was mostly technical and aimed at developers, they handed out some new info on the user Interface and social aspects of the new system.

As revealed earlier, The PS4 alllows users to use their real names or PSN IDs on their public profiles. While it is not compulsory to use your real name, if you link your Facebook account with your PSN ID, then the real name will be the one visible to others.

Most gamers, us included, found the PS3’s friends limit of 100 too limiting. Sony also seems to be of a similar opinion and has increased the friend limit, although the new limit wasn’t revealed.

Sony also plans to use the inbuilt hardware for recording gameplay, and friends can send the player comments while he is streaming his game sessions to them. Holding down the new share button on the controller takes a screenshot.

The Move-esque bar on the controller will indicate the controller number, which was a simple LED on the PS3. On the Dualshock 4, it will be blue for 1, red for 2, green for 3 and pink for 4.

When selecting a game to play, the user will be shown comments left by friends about the game as well as related DLC. The user can then launch the game.

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