Bombay Merch: Official, licensed gaming posters

Every chance we got, IVG members have been asking retailers and distributors to bring in official gaming posters, but it never happened. Until now. Bombay Merch is a company that deals in licensed merchandise (mostly posters) of not only video games, but also movies, comic books, and football clubs. While they’re still setting up their own website, you can check out their offerings at their eBay store. As far as gaming is concerned, Bombay Merch has pretty much everyone covered, with everything from Mario, Sonic and Street Fighter to Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and Halo.

[singlepic id=2664 w=450 float=center]
Posters are available in two sizes, with the bigger posters priced at a very reasonable Rs 349 (free shipping). For those worried about damage in transit, Bombay Merch ships their posters in PVC tubes. You can check out Bombay Merch’s products at their eBay store here, and you can also look forward to their offers in our very own Vendors Only section very soon.

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