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One of these Mortal Kombat press kits can be yours

If you’re a video game reviewer in India, you probably know how hard it is to even come by game review copies sometimes, let alone getting them before release. So imagine our surprise when not only did we get our Mortal Kombat review copies before release, but they also came hidden away in rather excellent press kits. Even better, the press kits for both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions had different contents. While the PS3 version has a wearable Sub Zero foam mask, the Xbox 360 version comes with a great MK t-shirt. Other contents include a game poster and a disc case with pop-up artwork. The press kits were so good, in fact, that we felt that the only way to do them justice would be to give them away to two IVG members who would value them the way they should be. So we’re giving two lucky IVG members the opportunity to snap these up.

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Since this isn’t a sponsored contest, we’re at the liberty to do something we’ve wanted to for a long time – keep it open to only regular IVG members. So for this giveaway, only members who have been registered at IVG for over six months and have over 500 forum posts are eligible. If you’re eligible, simply head over to the forum thread linked at the bottom of this post and let us know you’re interested. Letting us know you’re an MK fan or video game collector or both (with proof) would help, but isn’t compulsory. Oh, and did we mention, the press kits also include the game, so be sure to mention which version of the game you’re interested in. Remember, the Xbox 360 version comes with the t-shirt, while the PS3 version comes with the mask. Last date for entries is May 19.

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